Samsung Galaxy V Plus

Samsung Galaxy V Plus

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  • John

well Samsung is going on old age. what is the use of these phones??? now the game changed and people started using at least 1 GB RAM on android phones.

  • Happy parents

Pretty good. Not bad though you all should know that this phone is not target towards the adult market. This phone target market are parents with young children. It a way to teach children on how to use android phone for the first time so they keep it simple and user friendly. First timer don't need flashy features that they themselves won't even understand. I would buy this for my 8 years old kids. Its cheap so if they loses it I won't have to freak out and get worried too much.

  • wat

512 MB RAM lolololol passae

  • AnonD-190253

Another thing VGA camera description says and where in the front is or who upload the image did not know that cell wear?

  • Fayyaz

What the hell Samsung is doing??? Then Iphone Is too better then samsung Producing Shit like this, Apple don't make low end phone that user can get disapoint only seeing specifications, buy used phones but never low end phone

  • AnonD-241589

4 GB internal,
512 MB RAM (and we all know that , isn't exactly 512 , but a way lower) !
Would be okay, if it was 2013 ,
but today is 2015.
You are learning nothing, Shamesung !

Better go, kill yourself !

  • Abdulski

i can't buy this type of mobile in this era

  • b

why go up then come back down