Samsung Galaxy Watch3

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

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  • Salem Sbeinati

I like it much, very beautiful I can wear every day without feeling that am wearing a toy or kid watch full of usable features and elegant, good battery, ram, and sensors, just want to know if health features like alarms are there or not

It's an Active 2 with Bezels.
Same sensor, same Operating System, same interface.
I don't know ..... Active 2 does the same thing.
If I were a candidate for a job and gave the same thing like any other candidate, I would lose the opportunity to get that job.
But if you are Samsung you can rub the same shit in customer's face and be fine with that.

No No No, until I see something radically different I won't be buying their product.Thank you.

Manufacturers compete to see how far they can resemble an ordinary watch.

As a smart watch from samsung it's good

Arun_c, 25 Jun 2020Pure copy of huawei watch gt2you really need some research, huawei is copying samsung bro.

  • Epic audience

Arun_c, 25 Jun 2020Pure copy of huawei watch gt2does huawei watch come with rotating bezel?

  • Arun_c

Pure copy of huawei watch gt2

  • dongerus maximus

what would be a good step up if it has a narrower frame, still not worth of upgrade ;d

This is actually a nice watch, looks like a classic one, plenty features, not expensive.