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  • Falcon

Did I miss Galaxy Watch 2? I know there is Galaxy Watch Active 2 but there is no Galaxy Watch 2.

  • BOB


Can Samsung explain how they priced Galaxy Watch 3 BT 45mm to S$698?

Did some analysis FYI:

First Galaxy Watch was release on 9-8-18
The price was USD $349
The price was SGD $448
Exchange Rate at launch 9-8-18 was 1.3682
Price diff in % between 349 & 448 = approx. 128%

2nd Galaxy Watch 3 was release on 6-8-20
The price was USD $429
The price was SGD $698
Exchange Rate at launch 6-8-20 was 1.3692
Price diff in % between 429 & 698 = approx. 163%

So, keeping with the same format of 128% diff, shouldn’t the watch be actually be priced at S$550?
Note that the exchange rate then and now is almost the same.

How does the extra S$148 come in? Or are you charging for the free battery pack included in?
I fail to understand Samsung Singapore logic. This is a total RIP OFF…!!

  • Joe

Rock, 09 Aug 2020I have galaxy watch and its crap, battery is laughable comp... moreI agree with you. No more Samsung smart watch. I would rather go for other brand that have better duration with features turned on

  • hudinited

Rock, 09 Aug 2020I have galaxy watch and its crap, battery is laughable comp... moremy battery lasts 3 days with aod and hr monitor... also didnt experienced bug yet

  • Rock

Joe, 06 Aug 2020The Active 2 battery only last for 2 days or 1 day 19hrs to... moreI have galaxy watch and its crap, battery is laughable compared to huawei and you get 3 days max with screen offand no hr. Not to mention all the bugs watch still has. Never again samsung...

-They are using the same Processor ever since they started releasing smartwatches.
-They reduced the RAM for the "Watch 3" to 1 GB. The "Active 2" has 1.5 GB.
-Actually the Active 2 is now BETTER than the Watch 3 and both watches still have unreleased features.
-They knew that health ministries are very busy dealing with COVID-19 and their features could not get the green light in time.
So they released a crap technology (Watch 3) but they didn't forget to increase they price.
It's a no from me.

  • Nani

So somehow a Galaxy Watch is maybe even a little bit better than Galaxy Watch3...

  • yeah

Same disadvantages as for Active 2 I expect: not enough storage, no compass, EKG sometime in future except for Korea, and based on my Active2 experience I wont expect accurate activity detection.

  • Anonymous

So, no more altimeter?

  • Ting

Not enough memory for me. With the Apple watch now offering 32Gig this option is decidedly 2nd rate.

  • Joe

The Active 2 battery only last for 2 days or 1 day 19hrs to be exact (shown on the watch duration) when you turn on tge heart rate and auto switch Bluetooth and wifi function. When switch to Power Saving, I cannot use the heart rate function. This is sucks. Other brand such as Huawei and Garmin with heart rate function turned on thru out24/7, Huawei can last almost 10 to 14 days, while Garmin can last 4 to 5 days. Samsung has to wake up their idea.

  • hove

Just wondering where did you get the price from? On Samsung official websitein the UK the cheapest version is for £ 399 which is nowhere near 250 euro...

  • Moonraker

Joe, 02 Aug 2020Nothing special..nothing new compared to previous model...I... moreYou don't have NFC. The watch is pricey for sure, but probably the best one on the market. Let's wait for the reviews.

  • Joe

Nothing special..nothing new compared to previous model...I have Huawei GT 2 Classic and have everything what I need.Off course ECG and blood preasure option is new but ...too expensive

  • tudy000

@MihaiRO,you're right ,i can live fine with my Huawei GT2E watch and already started saving money for the Plesteshan 5 :)

  • MihaiRO

Better save the money to buy the PS5 instead to buy this expensive smart watch!At least a camera for a smart watch will be something amazing to worth that moneyn

  • Fitbri

I like the blood pressure feature. Wonder how good that is.

  • Anonymous

Looks ugly.

  • Johnboy

Will galaxy watch get the new toys an update 5.5 or not anybody got any ideas

Andres, 01 Jul 2020You know what, i have Samsung Gear S3 frontier, bought it i... morehow come you charge once a week. I have a gear frontier but I need to charge every two days. everything else is ok though.

it really feels good to have this watch. I am an avid watch fan and have a big collection of watches. always has been against ridiculous looking smartwatches but this one feels like a real watch what I exactly wanted.