Samsung Galaxy Watch6 family to come with bigger batteries than the Watch5 devices

Vlad, 17 March 2023

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Watch6 family is expected to be unveiled alongside the company's next-gen foldables most likely at an August event. While we wait for the summer to arrive, we're getting some more details about the devices that will make up the Watch6 family, save for the Pro.

The Galaxy Watch6 will be offered in two sizes, as will the Galaxy Watch6 Classic. Thanks to a certification listing from a regulator in China, we now know that these will share battery capacities for the smaller and larger sizes, as follows.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Samsung Galaxy Watch5

Both the Galaxy Watch6 40mm and the Galaxy Watch6 Classic 42mm will have a 300 mAh battery. Both the Galaxy Watch6 44mm and the Galaxy Watch6 Classic 46mm will have a 425 mAh battery.

Incidentally, both of those capacities are higher than what we saw last year, when the Galaxy Watch5 had to make do with 284 mAh for the 40mm size, and 410 mAh for the 44mm size.

A recent rumor claimed that Samsung would bring back the rotating bezel this year speculating that it would happen for the Galaxy Watch6 Pro, but it could very well feature in the Classic line too, and thus the chunkier bezel is probably what explains the 2mm jump in size compared to the vanilla models.



Reader comments

  • Davis
  • 17 Jul 2023
  • 6q9

Patiently waiting for a premium watch that doesn't have miserable battery life... there's competition that does this (Fitbit) just fine, what's the problem? Why do I have to pay more for less? If this watch has the same clown battery l...

  • Anonymous
  • 19 Apr 2023
  • pKL

I know they could put in a bigger battery but refuse to. Ticwatch, Huawei all do it, but Samsung refuse to. It would be as bad if they used a super energy efficient chipset but they don't really do that either. Wear OS doesn't do it alot of...

  • ffdvdv
  • 23 Mar 2023
  • tRD

Everything is improving and battery tech is still tragic. Nothing changes for the last 10-15 years except charging speed.

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