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Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro

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  • 18 Feb 2024

Xcover 4s user, 18 Nov 2023Dude!?!? For what "multitasking" exactly you spea... morePerson you replied to is probably using a 4gb/6gb budget trash from samsung. Never updated my mom's A12 phone since I know where things are headed with Samsung consumer updates.

    Zakalwe, 27 Oct 2023Yeah, I doubt it. As far as I can tell, any specs posted so... moreTechnology websites misinterpreted the XCover7's model number as being similar to the model number of the upcoming Galaxy A55.

      jiminy, 08 Dec 2023looks like the xcover 7 is keeping the non removable batter... moreBut the XCover7 will not exactly be a successor to the XCover6 Pro, but rather to the XCover5.
      The XCover6 Pro will remain the most powerful XCover to purchase for at least another year.

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        • ARPcPro
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        • 28 Dec 2023

        The selfie camera specs listed here in gsmarena should be corrected because it also records video in 4K@30fps. Not only in 1080p@30fps.

          Got my XCover6 Pro updated to Android 14 One UI 6.0 today.

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            • Supreme Unorthodox
            • mEi
            • 19 Dec 2023

            Android 14 with one ui 6.0 is available at least for unlocked European models.

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              • jiminy
              • 39y
              • 08 Dec 2023

              looks like the xcover 7 is keeping the non removable battery based on a cursory glance of my search results just to allay the fears expressed earlier so yippee theres still one last bastion of removable batteries in modern phones. now all they need to scratch every itch of mine is wireless charging

                To be fair, Anonymous was talking of using DeX on the XCover6 Pro, i.e. its desktop mode, with an external monitor. This is a lot more like using an actual desktop computer, where you have multiple apps running in parallel, maybe a desktop level office suite, a VNC client to run remote sessions on other computers and so on. Some even install a full Linux distribution for use under DeX. 6GB is rather cramped if you want to utilize the full potential of DeX (not sure if 8GB would improve much, though).

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                  • Xcover 4s user
                  • 6qx
                  • 18 Nov 2023

                  Anonymous, 11 Oct 2023As much as I love this phone, especially its removable batt... moreDude!?!? For what "multitasking" exactly you speak about? Watching 5 different videos and starting rockets size as Atlas 4?
                  I use my Xcover 4s since come on the market ages ago, and the multitasking work quite well over 3Gb of ram! If you load facebook, instagram, Viber and Whats up and similar application to work as background processes, and they use ram without any reason, sure will be f*ucking slow.. Not because the phone itself is bad but because the shit they are!
                  I`ve been using multitasking on motorola in the era of Windows Ce, and later on Symbian. And as you guess the CPU and ram where way low than now and worked perfectly.
                  Even you make it with 12 or 24Gb ram, shit application that eat resources for breakfast will work badly anyway..
                  Is other thing, that the phone itself should not be more than 320-350$/€ as price

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                    • vaS
                    • 18 Nov 2023

                    Rick, 22 Oct 2023I see that this model is going to be replaced by the XCover... moreIt's just Xcover 7.

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                      • 18 Nov 2023

                      DarlingYext, 17 Nov 2023That battery is very small for a rugged phone.It's user replaceable, though. Should make up for the smolness.

                        That battery is very small for a rugged phone.

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                          • 15 Nov 2023

                          YUKI93, 07 Oct 2023I don't want OLED. I prefer an IPS LCD since it's... more

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                            • 06 Nov 2023

                            Would not be a surprise - the companies are evil to the core. Even a surprise that they would even release one like this with all the evil corruption in the world.

                              Anonymous, 25 Oct 2023Totally doubt it'll be non-removable since you can use... moreYeah, I doubt it. As far as I can tell, any specs posted so far (including the name "Xcover 7") are pure speculation. And the model number (SM-G556) starting with SM-G5 indicates it will be a successor to the Xcover 5 (SM-G525) rather than the previous Pro models that started with SM-G7.

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                                • 25 Oct 2023

                                Rick, 22 Oct 2023I see that this model is going to be replaced by the XCover... moreTotally doubt it'll be non-removable since you can use the phone without battery in 'No battery mode'.

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                                  • Rick
                                  • IrW
                                  • 22 Oct 2023

                                  I see that this model is going to be replaced by the XCover 7 Pro in 2024, but when I look up the specs of the XCover 7 Pro, it lists a *non-removable* battery. Please tell me this is a mistake. The XCover Pro line of rugged phones should be expected to have removable batteries, right? Anyone know what's going on with that?

                                    Ballooni, 13 Oct 2023For anyone wondering, the Xcover6 Pro is available for OneU... moreX cover 6 can be upgraded to one ui6 according to samsubg, just a matter of time

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                                      • 13 Oct 2023

                                      For anyone wondering, the Xcover6 Pro is available for OneUI 5.1. I wasn't able to find this information anywhere on the internet, particularly for Bixby's Text Call (similar to Google Assistant's Call Screening), which is now supported on this phone. I'd edit this page if I knew how.

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                                        • 11 Oct 2023

                                        Please tell me which craftsmen or hikers who asked for a phaplet?
                                        These phones are comically big, impossible to operate with one hand (even for the coarsest of craftsmen), and hence lacks any sort of sense, UX, or otherwise thought gone into the design except from 'just follow the general design trajectory, never look at how things are going to be used'.