Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5

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  • M8r
  • 22 Feb 2021

If it turns out to be smaller than 145mm, then it will fill a niche market that includes myself:
-3gb RAM
-Less than 145mm
-Dual sim
-Launched in the 2020 decade

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    • Anonymous
    • gxQ
    • 15 Feb 2021

    Hajlorr, 03 Feb 2021Watch mrwostheboss video. It is a 100 dollar phone with a g... moreThis phone professional tool, that has specialized hard- and software for corporations. It's not just a "glued rugged case" on phone... And it's not meant for the consumer market.

    "The Xcover 5 will run Android 11 out of the box with corporate-friendly Knox features. Last year Samsung announced Knox Capture – an enterprise-grade barcode scanning solution that uses the camera."

    "Connectivity includes 4G LTE Cat. 7 (300 Mbps down) and NFC, which is a key part of the mPOS functionality as it allows the phone to act as a TERMINAL and accept payment with credit and debit cards."
    --- --- ---
    It also has user replaceable battery to avoid downtime. This phone has a charging base that can charge a 2nd battery while the phone is in use and changed in an instant when the battery is low. These kind of Samsung phones, also get 4 years of monthly security updates (Galaxy Enterprise Edition).

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      • 8mp
      • 12 Feb 2021

      AnonD-973296, 03 Feb 2021would love to see JerryRig do his tests on thisNot just me then who wants that, I've been commenting and messaging him to say DO THE XCOVER 4/4s

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        • maoko
        • 0p}
        • 08 Feb 2021

        Bruh, 05 Feb 2021Bruh 16:9 is the best ratio18:9 or 19:9 gives better workspace because the navigation buttons and search bar etc take to much vertical space in a 16:9 phone.

        I switched back to an LG V30 (18:9) after u using Nokia 6.1 (16:9).

        Sony goes to far with vertical screen 21:9 makes the screen to narrow and the phone way to long.

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          • Bruh
          • n9Z
          • 05 Feb 2021

          Anonymous, 04 Feb 202116:9 screen ratio, really?!Bruh 16:9 is the best ratio

            XiaomiSamsungHuawei, 03 Feb 2021Trash. Absolute trash. No it isn't for people who want... morethis isn't meant to be a flagship or some extremely fast phone.

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              • msr
              • 04 Feb 2021

              16:9 screen ratio, really?!

                The image gsmarena is currently using is just an Xcover 4s.

                (ah whoops I thought "I think I'll say this because some people might get the wrong idea, because gsmarena doesn't say it themselves" then I posted it, realized I hadn't checked, and then went to check and found out too late that they do in fact mention that)

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                  • Mr. Sam Sung
                  • IuD
                  • 04 Feb 2021

                  The return of the 16X9 screen!!! A truly pocket-sized body length less than 6 inches. IP68 spec. A 3000 mAh removable battery. A card slot. A phone NOT BUILT for the phone snobs. Doesn't have a ridiculous number of multiple camera lenses. Won't be seen in ads on TV in every other commercial. Could this be the perfect phone?

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                    • 0BG
                    • 04 Feb 2021

                    Emm...what's the point of having a rugged phone when it's so bad you'd pray it gets damaged so you have a good reason to buy a more normal one?

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                      • tPG
                      • 04 Feb 2021

                      Fast charging for a removable battery, awesome phone with just calls and messaging.

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                        • Rk100
                        • 6v0
                        • 03 Feb 2021

                        Nishad, 03 Feb 2021Battery iz too small!It's also 5.3 inch, what did you expect from a tiny phone. I'd say it's already thick enough, so adding a bigger battery would make it disgustingly thick. Especially considering how short it is.

                          Trash. Absolute trash. No it isn't for people who want a phone that looks old-school. They couldve easily made one that looks like a modern one. Like why?

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                            • nD2
                            • 03 Feb 2021

                            Wish they'd use amoled in the Xcover series.

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                              • AnonD-973296
                              • GYi
                              • 03 Feb 2021

                              would love to see JerryRig do his tests on this

                                Watch mrwostheboss video. It is a 100 dollar phone with a glued on case.

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                                  • Pape
                                  • uNV
                                  • 03 Feb 2021

                                  Nishad, 03 Feb 2021Battery iz too small!I am a fan of you!

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                                    • Nishad
                                    • uNV
                                    • 03 Feb 2021

                                    Battery iz too small!