Samsung Galaxy Z Flip pre-orders sold out in The Philippines

Ricky, 18 February 2020

On Friday’s midnight launch of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the US saw online stocks quickly deplete in both AT&T and Unlocked variants of the foldable handset. Samsung Philippines is in the same boat, announcing that it, too, has sold out of the first batch of devices after a three-day pre-order period.

All the excitement surrounding the Galaxy Z Flip proved that there is a strong desire for a new mobile experience that offers both style and function. – Jerry Mañus, Business Unit Head of IT and Mobile, Samsung Philippines

The Galaxy Z Flip officially goes on sale in The Philippines this Friday, February 21, but pre-orders started on the same day sales began in Western Markets – Valentine’s Day. The Galaxy Z Flip costs PHP 79,990 in either the Mirror Purple or Mirror Black models.

The Galaxy Z Flip is getting a lot of attention for its stylish new design, but how practical is the everyday experience? Check out our ‘In For Review’ post with the Z Flip or leave a comment with your thoughts about the phone as we prepare our full review.



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  • Anonymous

It's the SRP already in Samsung stores and other official distributors, 1500 USD (PhP 79990) using $1 - PhP53.00 exchange rate. Nevertheless, it's really amazing how people receive this new concept. It's kinda make or break (pun) in my opinion, but S...

There's a tear down video from JerryRig now. It, in fact, has a very thin glass underneath the plastic. Not really that revolutionary, but it does make it a tad more durable than the Fold. But not by much. It doesn't make much difference on a durabil...

In fact he did same with flip as he did with any other phone checked if glass is glass or not. Apparently not in this case