Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

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  • Anonymous

Lookat the Z Fold 3 crease: Biggest crease ever. More than MateX Huawei

First look 4400mah battery thats samsung fool's day.

anonymous , 11 Aug 2021mi mix fold is not waterproof phoneNeither is the Z fold 3.

The dealings and gaskets used on phones with unremovable batteries gives them ALL a level of resistance BUT it doesn't make them waterproof. There's a big difference!

"IpX8" isn't waterproof - get it right.

1800??? I can get an iphone 12, ipad air(2020), apple pencil 2 and air pods for that money

  • Kenlai

12, 11 Aug 2021This phone roughly cost 1900 usd. Only rich kid will buy... moreWell, right now they have promoting trade-in discount up to 1250$. So it is affordable.

They said Samsung will release One UI 3.1.1 but now they have released One UI 3.5, looks like we all will get One UI 3.5 at the end of August starting september when Galaxy Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 will hit the market with Samsung S21 Series getting after them.

  • 12

This phone roughly cost 1900 usd.
Only rich kid will buy this.
This phone is not for average customer.

  • anonymous

NeoGul, 11 Aug 2021IpX8 isn't IP68 and the Z Fold 2 and the Mi Mix Fold a... moremi mix fold is not waterproof phone

PMKLR3m, 11 Aug 2021Some people say it's udc is 4mpit's a 16mp unit but it's pixel-binning to increase light sensitivity..

  • Anonymous

NeoGul, 11 Aug 2021There is a leaked video that shows it doesn't blend. I... moreIt won't, the fold 2 doesn't have the digitizer for the S-Pen like the 3 does

Some people say it's udc is 4mp

YUKI93, 11 Aug 2021This is basically the Z Fold2 with the latest Snapdragon 88... moreIpX8 isn't IP68 and the Z Fold 2 and the Mi Mix Fold are already ipX8.
If the S Pen isn't compatible with the Z Fold 2, then it's deliberate.

不不不不不不 Z Fold 2 repacked and unpacked.

For some Samsung fans, Z fold 2 is a better bargain. My recommendation is the Mi Mix Fold.

  • Anonymous

we all need a bit extra huawei and xiaomi in our lives

Yay, Galaxy Unpacked, I will buy this in the release date 8/27/2021

I do not see that it says Snapdragon 888 plus, that someone leaves me with doubts, because if it is the same soc as the s21 ultra, it is the samsung gaffe of the century

  • Stryder

Samsung must learn the screen size of fold 3 from Huawei X2.

This fold 3 when folded does not give complete phone experience
And when opened, it does not give complete tablet experience.
The inner display should be minimum 8 inch screen.

Boring AF. The Huawei X design is miles ahead. Huawei's camera tech, outside screen and thickness it's more advance.

  • Anonymous

4400mah battery is not enough for fold phone, no sd card, no audio jack. for $1800 .

  • Anonymous

NeoGul, 11 Aug 2021"Changes" and "Upgrades" and quite mini... more不不不不不