Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

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  • IbE
  • 14 Jul 2021

It needs eSim activation in the US by default. Just like Apple has it mandatory for all carriers to give that option to customers.
Such a shame that carriers dictate terms to largest manufacturer of cell phones that too in the US. Hope Samsung does it this time and not tell customers "future update is coming" which never did for Fold 2 owners.

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    • Yc0
    • 14 Jul 2021

    Phone is too square when unfolded, makes no sense. The dimensions of the OG were perfect.

      need microsd slot

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        • Phandes
        • bJb
        • 13 Jul 2021

        Please make it more wider, too thin on the front screen,but why the camera looks alike...

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          • Nik gher
          • KiW
          • 12 Jul 2021

          They should use s21 series for the camera bump design, its nice looking and not 'generic' like other phones

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            • tu2
            • 12 Jul 2021

            what happens if z fold3 got a same camera module and design?

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              • LeeLeigh
              • 0a1
              • 11 Jul 2021

              Niki, 08 Jul 2021Generally i am a fan of the note series. I was awaiting the... moreYou are correct about Samsung trying to push their market towards their FOLD phones; and they would have had me with the Z Fold 3 IF it could internally house the S Pen - like earlier speculation stated it would.

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                • Politebat
                • kgt
                • 11 Jul 2021

                Watkins, 08 Jul 2021Cloud storage is trash buddy. Getting rid of the micro sd s... moreLol you do that. I'm sure you're going to change their mind lol.

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                  • Niki
                  • 80x
                  • 08 Jul 2021

                  Generally i am a fan of the note series. I was awaiting the much anticipated note 20 last year but resigned as there was no real change over the note 10 which i am using now and the note 20 was ugly. I never thought about having a foldable phone but as samsung is cancelling the note line (at least for this year) , i might consider the fold. However what i find surprising is how people are excited about the so called "leaks". Folks these are no leaks but samsung themselves releasing this to the market to check how the market reacts to it ahead ofnthe launch in order to avoid getting surprised on launched date, also the leak by samsung will help them prepare for questions coming from the public some of the complaints or questions will even be already tackled in the Unpacked event. This is purely strategic from them... so yes it is good to see the render ahead of time but its no insider information but controlled release of information by samsung. It is the same with every other company irrespective of the market (phone,car,tv etc industry).
                  Concerning the SD slot case , i don t understand where the issue comes from ? If you are afraid of using cloud or do not have internet then you can always transfer data using a usb c cable to your computer. I doubt someone really needs to have terras of space available on the fly and if it is the case you can always plug in a usb c to sd card reader (they are so small that you can have them plugged all the time, its barely noticeable.)
                  About the 3.5mm jack, if you really want quality go buy a mp3 player or an ipod whatever, people who can really differentiate and see quality between gold plated 3.5mm jacks and galaxy buds are limited. So in any case samsung wont release a phone with 3.5mm jack for 2% of their customers. They prefer even lose this 2% of customer and continue with people who will use galaxy buds and pay.
                  Next is the decision of samsung of not releasing the note series this year, be sure that this is not because samsung does not have ideas about how the note should look like and how to improve it. Believe me, they have an army of people working in R&D and they have hundreds of ideas GOOD ideas on new notes series. The real reason behind this is that samsung is trying to push people to switch to fold. Last year the sales of the fold were low, and samsung is doing an experiment by releasing only fold and flip series and see how the market will behave. If they get the numbers higher and get the notes customers to buy the fold then they wont release any note further. Why? 1: they dont have to release yet another flagship (s series, fold , flip) its enough. The revenue on the fold is much higher (take into account that people will need to buy the s pen , in the note it had to be included and it would be difficult for samsung not to include one with it. Much easier with the fold which does not have a dedicated slot for it.

                  Believe me those companies are masters of manipulation.

                  Last and least , whatever you say and how you complain you wont change anything. And the best is : most of you will buy the phone anyway.

                    Mike, 07 Jul 2021You realize that higher megapixel doesn't mean it'... moreresolution is important for image sharpness. But optimization is also important. MP doesn't matter.

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                      • Watkins
                      • Ibx
                      • 08 Jul 2021

                      Bob, 01 Jul 2021You'll probably never have the SD card slot again. So ... moreCloud storage is trash buddy. Getting rid of the micro sd slot is one thing but at least at the minimum release the device with 1tb of memory. Especially for the premium they're charging if they want people to consider upgrading. I'll be sticking with the note 20 ultra 5g until the day that happens. My phone has 1.5tb of memory and I'm running low even with that. These devices are overpriced tech demo garbage right now.

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                        • j6i
                        • 07 Jul 2021

                        Mr korea, 07 Jul 2021I will stick with my s20 ultra (16month old) phone till the... moreYou realize that higher megapixel doesn't mean it's a better camera, right?

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                          • Mr korea
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                          • 07 Jul 2021

                          I will stick with my s20 ultra (16month old) phone till they improve the specs as its not worth it in my opinion. Phone is too narrow for me and 12 mega pixel cameras no thank you when I have 108mp and 40mp selfie respectively. Samsung also how dare you give us your own chip which in many reviews is not in par with snap not only charge us more money than USA but you also give us worse handset

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                            • Anonymous
                            • G8v
                            • 06 Jul 2021

                            why its only 4400 battery ? they could put 6000 mah

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                              • 39x
                              • 05 Jul 2021

                              I have samsung z fold 2 ..I got in feb 2021 .I use for my work for zoom in international courtroom I love the design .but I love my Samsung galaxy note 10plus5g with my s pen ..I have my upgrade due in September 2021 9th I can upgrade August 19th but waiting anxiously for z fold 3 I'm desperate to keep my pen from my samsung note 10plus5g..what I'm asking also .the price of Buds 3 is samsung giving z fold 3 customer buds free or discounted price..any recommendations can anyone give me about the pen with z fold 3 ..but the difference from z fold 2 front screen. The z fold 3 front screen is smaller this correct and does it interfere with the main screen .and the camera sounds the sane as samsung note 10plus5g. Can anyone advise what samsung I should upgrade to in September by giving back for upfront fee or enviormental purposes im giving my note 10plus5g back to my network ..currently £101.56 I pay monthly for z fold 3 ..without buds. I really want to get buds. As I've never had buds. .in ireland north .what is the retail price for z fold 3 and buds

                                I got 5x in my cheap phone and lossless jack option always with me, is this just for beauty? Huawei could do camera part twice and I seen the thinnest phone with a jack. Not the real nxt gen I guess.

                                  Anonymous, 01 Jul 2021what does its optical zoom have to do with its video record... moreNothing

                                    Anonymous, 12 May 2021Add 8K recording Selfie Rear ______ 12GB / 1TB ... moreDefinitely doesn't gona have 10x zoom 3x max

                                      MzBan, 01 Jul 2021Lol and if 3x, you want 4x etc etc Move on for the next ... moreNah 3x is more widespread

                                        Dudenoway, 03 Jul 2021Bruh this phone official specs haven't even been relea... moreAnd YES, I have the Mi Mix Fold from 28mobile which comes Preinstalled with Google/PlayStore. And also is the same price (now) as the Fold 2.

                                        And I'm also saying it again that IF the 3 is the same form factor as the 2, then it's a waste of time and the Xiaomi is way better and more practical in EVERY WAY.