Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G

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  • 30 Jun 2021

NeoGul, 28 Jun 2021As long as it has the same form factor as the 2, it's ... morethe mi fold has a friggin 27 to 9 ratio
this has 25 to 9
are you dumb?

also, have you seen anyone talk about mi fold at all????
i forgot it even existed before you reminded me

xiaomi should just stick to mi11ultra and its poco series, let huawei and samsung master this first then they can copy however much they want to :)

    woahh, under display camera!

      As long as it has the same form factor as the 2, it's already below the Mi Mix Fold in terms of practicality.

        FirdausRoblox152, 28 Jun 2021September?It will be most likely released towards the end of August or early September.

          scorpawe, 26 Jun 2021Can't wait for this one!September?

            Can't wait for this one!

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              • S asad
              • 6sE
              • 26 Jun 2021

              Arash Galaxy, 21 Jun 2021Really Nice Phone . Beautiful Phone . i think 9.0" Dis... moreIts i think breakdowns to the laptops eraa realtimes mini portable executive class use laptops to be not carry every where easily. But got to find beast is ready to be work with us reliable comfortable easy handy graby but the difference is comes where the particular situations for ahead to forward immediate respond to calls msgs and push notifications toggles as well literally hard time forr towards back on you

                please correct me if I'm wrong but this will be available everywhere as SD variants ONLY right???

                  Really Nice Phone . Beautiful Phone . i think 9.0" Display So Better . Thanx samsung and GSMArena .

                    this phone have All Core Control System ( HMP ) ? its Advance of Big.LITTLE System that Control Cores in 2 Part but "HMP" Control Every Single Core when you work with your phone .

                      xiaomi mi mix fold has better specs

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                        • Neo
                        • Nue
                        • 17 Jun 2021

                        Even at 7.6, its neither a big enough tablet nor a usable phone with the front display at the aspect ratio.

                        The reality here is that the Xiaomi Fold is better than the Fold 2 and it's looking even more practical than the 3 already.

                        The Xiaomi snaps open - that's one mechanism I'm still shocked at how they pulled off, it also has dual Sim card support. Essentially what the Fold 3 should be trying to be - they lost that chance staying at 7.6" even if they make the screen refresh rate 1000000Hz

                          no sd card slot is a deal breaker. the memory and storage specs is underwhelming for a phone like this

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                            • Alex 2030
                            • a3L
                            • 13 Jun 2021

                            if we speak about FOLD so we want Big Display , only 7.6" ?? like a little big from Fablet?!! NOOO . if we speak about FOLD we need Minimum 11 to 12" Display . Look like one 6inch Dispalay * 2 = 12 inch Display . with Super Technology Like SD888 and 5 Camera with 108 MP Main Camera and 2 Selfie Camera with Laser AF and 15X Optical Zoom ( Because Phone is big ) and 180X Hybrid Camera . My Mean ONE Perfect Phone For LORDs . Yea

                              Arash Galaxy, 07 Jun 2021whith this specifications: zfold2 = zfold3 !!Agreed

                              But I guess it would be more cheaper

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                                • Channiel
                                • XBm
                                • 10 Jun 2021

                                Anonymous, 01 Jun 2021This phone is the classiest and coolest of all the device w... moreI agree ,

                                  whith this specifications: zfold2 = zfold3 !!

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                                    • vIh
                                    • 01 Jun 2021

                                    This phone is the classiest and coolest of all the device with so many possibilities and usage irrespective of all the nit pickings a few of you all might do just coz you want to satisfy yourself talking bad about it so that you dont feel bad that you cannot afford it, I have waited since Fold 1 for it to get better and now Fold 3 seems like a great choice, as per competition ,no way will I ever consider a Chinese brand, Samsung it is :D

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                                      • BernardP
                                      • kxB
                                      • 30 May 2021

                                      25:9 screen aspect ratio! Should I be waiting for 27:9 or even 36:9?
                                      It's getting ridiculous. 16:9 was perfect. If we want to read more texts or social media posts, we can scroll. No need for a super-elongated screen.
                                      One thing going for these tall and narrow screen is that they allow advertising larger diagonals @ same surface area.

                                        Anonymous, 14 May 2021Very small battery, of course not buying this garbage.If this garbage then the mi mix fold is garbage with more steps