Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, Flip5 are already on sale in Russia

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Z Fold5 and Flip5 last week and promised to launch them in two weeks. However, both foldables are already on sale in Russia, a country where the maker promised to suspend shipments in response to the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

The Fold5 is offered by local carrier mts for RUB 189,990, which is equal to $2,062, while the Flip5 starts from RUB110,000, which translates to almost $1,200, according to the current exchange rate. Both phones are bundled with premium wearables and offered old with next-day delivery or same-day store pickup.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

During the weekend, TASS reported the sale of the Z phones in the Z-flaunting country has begun, two weeks ahead of the global schedule. The Galaxy Z Fold5 is offered by mts in a bundle with a free Galaxy Watch5 Pro (last year’s flagship wearable).

The price we mentioned above is for the 256 GB version, the 512 GB is RUB 199,990 ($2,170), while the 1 TB option is RUB 219,990 ($2,390) - they are anywhere between 10% and 15% more expensive than the US versions.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 is offered with either 256 GB storage or 512 GB storage - this foldable is about 20% more expensive than it is in the United States. The local carrier bundles this foldable with Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

Pre-orders for all new devices are up at other major online stores such as M.Video, Eldorado, Megafon and even Samsung’s authorized store TASS Agency reminded this isn’t the first time Samsung has offered its flagships in Russia ahead of global schedule - the Galaxy S23 series arrived in the country 11 days early.

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  • m

Well, I'm just buying a new phone. I considered Samsung, Motorola and Sony. After this news, Samsung dropped out.

  • Anonymous

Lol no. No one really cares. The average person is not the acitivist media. They won't stop buying a phone they perceive to be of good quality because the company that made it also sold it for someone they (should allegedly, according to the n...

  • Anonymous

Lots of western companies there either never fully exited or left mechanisms in place so they could come back when the situation normalize. Most of the reported ones were just for show.