Samsung Gear S

Samsung Gear S

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  • Anonymous

They dont have a good product to copy that is why the design sucks!

AnonD-32667, 31 Aug 20142 inch smartwatch, here we go again, next thing gear note -... moreIts not that large :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2014WHY is this so "thick"? It's half an inch THICK?... moreDraw a smartwatch on your wrist. It would be no thickness at all. Lol. Even a normal watch has a thickness u know. =))

  • AnonD-32667

2 inch smartwatch, here we go again, next thing gear note - the phablet of smartwatches

  • AnonD-300487

The black one looks alright.

  • Anonymous

WHY is this so "thick"? It's half an inch THICK?! Think "coin" Mr Samsung,not brick! Should be 4-5mm thick at the most! Yawn...

  • jadoo

No protection for display.

  • AnonD-49266

jay z kanye westxx, 31 Aug 2014I'll wait for the octa-core/500+ ppi version octa core for watch??? :/ :/

  • AnonD-57013

This is the first smartwatch that I like and will most probably get it.

  • jay z kanye westxx

I'll wait for the octa-core/500+ ppi version

  • Akin180

Looks great

  • i wanna

i need hot spot

  • netripper

Do we seriously need dual core processors in smart watch?

  • Michael

Not sure if there will be enough apps for this phone.
Now Samsung and Google are compete with their different OSes, so this war is bad for users

  • imran

looks nice

  • AnonD-299946

I seriously doubt it has a 3.5mm headphone jack like gsmarena says her on its specs page, but this watch/phone coupled with a Sony SBH-52 would be a perfect marriage.

GSMARENA - If you are reading my post, may i ask you to put the previous watches in the Samsung section please?

It'd be better if you'd put all the watches to the phone's section, or make a new topic for them on the website and not on the blog.

Our new era is all about 'Smart' things, and wearable devices, and so they will play a huge role in our new 'little world'.

Thank you.

  • der

Samsung Galaxy Gear Sexy

  • AnonD-292366

No camera, at least must have front camera

  • thgun

No camera, great move Samsung!!!!!