Samsung Gear S

Samsung Gear S

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  • AnonD-135930

Smartwatch without a camera??? Is Samsung really this crazy????

  • AnonD-105795

The most features packed smart watch. I bet the iwatch won't has gsm radio and GPS. No need to carry a brick cell phone any more. Imagine you're walking in condensed downtown with Nokia here map on your wrist.

  • Junni

looka really nice and smart

  • Jamez

Excellent... If it had a camera and a few more battery juice It would be PERFECT!!! Well done Samsung!!!

  • BatangTelur

Good device

  • AnonD-49266

after i got my galaxy S5 LTE i will buy this cool watch omg i can't wait

  • soulripper

We don't need to carry our phone, just put micro and good to go, I like apple products won't be waiting for iWatch because I won't be with phone functionality but I'm buying this, good job Samsung !!

  • bava

looks good but 300 ma battery is not enoph

  • AnonD-1862

Very sexy samsung, this looks like a stip in the right direction.

  • dumbu

Awesome one really. Have been waiting for such a model of mobile as a watch.

  • yp

looks good, but moto 360 is better for me

  • abdp

no camera?