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Samsung Gear S3 frontier

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  • Vali

Hello. I have a problem trying to connect my watch, Samsung Gear S3 with my new phone Xiaomi Mi A3. The phone "see" the watch , start the connection but do not finish it. With my previous phone, Xiaomi Mi A1, the connexion was great. Can anyone have an answer/ solution for my problem? Thank you.

Please I need your help and guidance. after up date sensors not working.
please help
thank you........

  • amal

samsung pay is supported or not ?? indian cards

Hi everyone
Some on offering me the gear s3 frontier for a good price but the only thing concerned me the battery draining after the last update
Please advise me
gear s3 frontier or going to Galaxy watch
Even I would like gear s3 frontier design too much more than Galaxy watch
Thank you

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

actually I am too much disappointed my Samsung Galaxy gear s3. I brought Kuwaiti xcite alganim. after four months i saw that my watch (smart gear s3) doesn't work 01. walk-up gesture 02.Samsung health hr. have any suggestions please give me honestly.

Anas , 23 Jul 2019Hi sir First of all my English is weak🙂 I bought ... moreHi Anas,

Thanks for your comment, i really appreciate you.
Actually I am also living in KSA. Here Gear S3 frontier price is 975 and Galaxy watch price around 1100 .
Gear S3 frontier so stylish yes you are right. Galaxy watch only have little bit more battery and get latest updates only. I also wait if there is any good offer for Gear s3 frontier available in ksa.

Thanks once again for your comment.

I also like Gear s3 frontier

  • Anas

XxAlixX, 23 Jul 2019Samsung gear s3 frontier ... or ... Samsung Galaxy watch ? Be... moreHi sir
First of all my English is weak🙂
I bought s3 frontier 1 month ago and in my country (KSA) there is 100$ different and my brother have galaxy watch trust me don't buy the galaxy watch because there is no major difference between the gear s3.even gear the gear s3 looks batter than galaxy watch.

Samsung gear s3 frontier ... or ... Samsung Galaxy watch ?

Becuase in my country there is only few bucks difference. Please advise me.

And also is gear s3 frontier 46mm size ? same as galaxy watch 46mm ?

  • Quad_DAC

Its a great watch with Samsung Pay but Samsung decides to stop giving rewards to those who paired with a non Samsung phones (only for Gear S3, Galaxy Watch will still work fine tho). Maybe I should switch back to Garmin watch mainly for battery life since using Samsung Pay on my watch doesn't earn me anything.

  • Rickangel

ARLEM, 06 Mar 2019Waiting for battery drain fix or in the garbage it goes: My Gea... moreYou must put it in to the charger like if youre going to charge the watch and reset it, that works for me.

  • Swave

Le Roy Sherrier , 22 Apr 2019I Purchase the Samsung Gear 3 Frontier on Amazon, and after 2 mo... moreI am also facing the same issue and I've checked online didn't see any solution.....any idea on what to do

  • JJJ

Can we install playstore apps ?

  • Livius

Timone, 11 Apr 2019My S3 was 11 months old when it auto updated to Tizer 3. Batte... moreMine work perfect paired with a Samung S9+. It's a very good and solid device, I have no single problems with it and battery lasts me 2 days the way I use it. I simply love it a lot ! I am waiting for Gear S4 if it will ever come out.

  • NS

Dominican, 19 Mar 2019Mine just died after going to a pool party! IT'S NOT WATER PROOF... moreIt can take a gentle spash. The manual says not to take for smimming, or in water with force.

  • Le Roy Sherrier

I Purchase the Samsung Gear 3 Frontier on Amazon, and after 2 month , the Step Counter and the Heart Rate stop working .

Here in Costa Rica the Representative of Samsung said they cannot fix it. So it’s in the draw doing nothing

Please don’t buy this Watch

  • Timone

My S3 was 11 months old when it auto updated to
Tizer 3. Battery life down to 6 hours.
Took it to Samsung. They said I must wait for new update. New update came Tizer4.
Battery life still 6 hours. Took back to Samsung.
Now watch is 14 months old.
Samsung quote for new battery and main board to be replaced. Watch only has 12 months gauranteea and is not under guarantee.

I say that there is nothing wrong with the battery or mainboard. It is a SOFTWARE PROBLEM.



  • Dominican

Mine just died after going to a pool party! IT'S NOT WATER PROOF! now my wife just purchased the galaxy watch 46mm for me and this one is water proofing up to 50m

Waiting for battery drain fix or in the garbage it goes: My Gear S3 frontier worked pretty well up until a month or so ago. It is about 15 months old. Prior to the last month I was getting about 30 to 36 hours out of the battery. Since, the battery is now only lasting about 8 hours. I have reset, rebooted, removed watch faces, removed all apps that didn't come with it and turned off the auto-detect exercise. Yet the battery continues to drain. Chatted with Samsung, they said send it in for repair (which would cost money) I am pretty certain the issue is with software, so I will not pay them, but rather through it wait until a fix comes out, or throw it away. At this time it is useless.

  • B2dafknB

SebaGSM, 15 Jan 2019What does "No cellular connectivity" mean, someone knows? Thank you.Watch has to be paired with cellphone through bluetooth to make phone call