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Samsung Gear S3 frontier

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  • Anth

Loved my s2 so moved up to s3 frontier....initially very happy but then had a software update and sensors died.on me....had it sent reoaur centre to be told it would cost more than £140 to repair.......more than £140 to repair a problem a software update have not.offered any support or acceoted the problem was caused by them and since its out of warranty 8ts pay the cash or have a heavy digital watch.......or trade it for something....maybe Huawei, apple or another brand....your loss samsung....very very poor customer care.

  • M. Keo

Been using this watch for almost 3 years now and I couldn’t be more happier. Never had a problem with mine whatsoever. Haven’t even had to change the battery either. Still as snappy as the day i bought it. I recommend this watch to anyone interested in getting into the nitty gritty smart watch game.

  • Abu Omar

Compatible only with Samsung cellphones.don't buy if your cellphone isn't Samsung.

  • ArchiePM

The display has bright vertical strips of about 3 mm. Still work well but display is simply not presentable. Only lasted for 15 months.

  • hmh

Jerzy, 04 Dec 2020Hi, I got a problem with Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier - a conti... moreIt's weird such a thing happend because such a small lazer needs days to accually burn your skin and if the lazer would non stop be on your battery wouldn't last 3 hours so for lazers of this kind it's pretty much impossible to do damage

I got a problem with Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier - a continuous use of the heart monitor burned a square hole in my skin 2-3 mm deep (1mm x 2mm x 3mm) - it was a slow roast so no bleeding. I have noticed it cose of a pinching pain on the wrist. It cured itself after 2 weeks with a little scar remained (just to scare Samsung !!!).

I wrote Samsung a message but nobody answered. Since I have covered the sensors (lenses) with a permanent ink pen, switch off the heart app, otherwise happy with the watch.

I have just bought Samsung Watch (46) as a Xmass20 gift to myself (sale !) as it has an imbedded eSIM - but the very first thing was to switch off a heart app and to cover bottom lenses of the watch with permanent ink and a little round sticker to prevent any burns/pain.

There are many similar 'Galaxy' complaints on the net !!!
I did not searched other manufacturers/brands for a similar problem - but I thing it is common as the sensing laser technology is the same/similar.
Perhaps not everybody is reacting in such a sensitive way - although few is enough.

The puzzling question is why Samsung with all its huge research budget did not do anything to fix the problem they are aware off for long time by now.

Is there anyone to experience the same with an Apple Watch ?????

  • Akjip

Anyone having a problem with back button not responding? if u have can u share here how to fix it? my gear this past 1-2 weeks have this problem. sometimes the back button work sometimes not. now it wouldnt work at all, home button work just fine tho. Im not ready to let go this watch yet or upgrade to galaxy watch 3, battery still work great. if anyone have any idea what may cause this problem it would be great if u can share it here, Thank you.

  • Yohnny

Great watch, all praise, I haven't changed its battery yet, and it can last up to 2 days of use, I don't immerse it in water.

  • Krish

Ayman Gado, 29 Nov 2019Watch is definitely worth buying in 2019 and even 2020 I gu... moreYour review is useful for me

  • Anonymous

Ivan, 20 Aug 2020No one is going to talk about this watch being a laggy piec... morethere is no way that watch has 32gb of RAM. that is insane.

  • Ivan

No one is going to talk about this watch being a laggy piece of garbage?? It has 768 MB RAM and Huawei watch has 32 MB RAM. Uncomparable.

  • 3 x 3 SmartWatches

I was looking for a water resistant smartwatch to wear it during windsurfing and sailing, but I don´t really think that the IP68 certification matches my needs. So I´ve bouhgt a Suunto Ambit 3 and a Garmin Fenix 3 watches for watersports and wear this Samsung only casually. In winter I apply 9H glas foil, in summer a non reflective on it to protect the screen. The battery isn´t as it used to be, but it´s totally normal. The bezel started to get loose, so I got piece of thread and bounded underneat it, now it´s fine again. The original bands are too thin for me, bought regular 22mm silicone bands, looks much better. Never had to get it repaired, I hope it stays like this and works for a couple of years more. I recommend this watch for everyone. Still a good looking smartwatch for everyday purposes.

  • Sven

After use for 30 months the Frontier Gear 3 is unusable/out of commission. The battery has inexplicably swollen and the main board shorted. It has never been in a rain shower let alone water. Repair cost is 50% of new item cost. Once an exciting bit of tech; now a brick. NOT a smart buy.

  • Johnny

Gigi, 10 Jan 2020it is water resist?Yes, waterproof to 1.5 depth, and underwater for up to 30 minutes

  • Gigi

Peter, 28 Dec 2019I recently bought a new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, after... moreit is water resist?

  • Peter

I recently bought a new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, after 20 days of use I can see how great the old S3 frontier was. The best watch I've ever had

  • Anonymous

I just bought one used, but in "like new" condition for 120€. The screen and the chipset is much better, than my ex Casio WSD F20. Still have new silicone bands from a Fossil watch one white and one orange, fit perfectly this smartwatch. The phone is a Xiaomi Note, not Samsung with cooked ROM installed, but everything works fine. With HERE WeGO works as a standalone GPS device and the speedometer is very accurate. Still a good watch in 2019.

  • Ayman Gado

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2019Do u think it still worth ? In 2019 2020 Can u recive loca... moreWatch is definitely worth buying in 2019 and even 2020 I guess :)

The watch is able to receive and make calls via Bluetooth as it does have a microphone and a very good loud speaker with above average volume level.

For the battery life, if you keep the always on display on, you can except the battery to go from 100 % to almost 40 % after 14 hours of moderate usage so, for me personally, once I get home, I put it on charge..

Hope the above was helpful..

  • Tim

Litto, 07 Oct 2019Samsung pay is sorpported or not?? IndianIt is and works well

  • ong

Livius, 29 Oct 2019Many people have problems connecting this watch with newer ... moreyou must download samsung wearable app and samsung plug in app both together at play store then connect to the watch via bluetooth, it will take longer time to complete the connection,that will work later ,i'm using Huawei that's how i connect.