Samsung Gear S3 frontier

Samsung Gear S3 frontier

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  • Johnny

Gigi, 10 Jan 2020it is water resist?Yes, waterproof to 1.5 depth, and underwater for up to 30 minutes

  • Gigi

Peter, 28 Dec 2019I recently bought a new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, after... moreit is water resist?

  • Peter

I recently bought a new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2, after 20 days of use I can see how great the old S3 frontier was. The best watch I've ever had

  • Anonymous

I just bought one used, but in "like new" condition for 120€. The screen and the chipset is much better, than my ex Casio WSD F20. Still have new silicone bands from a Fossil watch one white and one orange, fit perfectly this smartwatch. The phone is a Xiaomi Note, not Samsung with cooked ROM installed, but everything works fine. With HERE WeGO works as a standalone GPS device and the speedometer is very accurate. Still a good watch in 2019.

  • Ayman Gado

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2019Do u think it still worth ? In 2019 2020 Can u recive loca... moreWatch is definitely worth buying in 2019 and even 2020 I guess :)

The watch is able to receive and make calls via Bluetooth as it does have a microphone and a very good loud speaker with above average volume level.

For the battery life, if you keep the always on display on, you can except the battery to go from 100 % to almost 40 % after 14 hours of moderate usage so, for me personally, once I get home, I put it on charge..

Hope the above was helpful..

  • Tim

Litto, 07 Oct 2019Samsung pay is sorpported or not?? IndianIt is and works well

  • ong

Livius, 29 Oct 2019Many people have problems connecting this watch with newer ... moreyou must download samsung wearable app and samsung plug in app both together at play store then connect to the watch via bluetooth, it will take longer time to complete the connection,that will work later ,i'm using Huawei that's how i connect.

  • Anonymous

Do u think it still worth ? In 2019 2020
Can u recive local calls throught bluetooth ?
About battery how many days ?

  • Livius

Vali, 14 Sep 2019Hello. I have a problem trying to connect my watch, Samsung... moreMany people have problems connecting this watch with newer Xiaomi phones and the reason behind this is their super crap OS that doesn't allow you to connect to other watche other than their own. This happened to me with Mi 9T Pro. Many will say that it's the watches problem but it's not since I still have my Samsung S9+ and it reconects instantly.

  • Litto

amal, 10 Aug 2019samsung pay is supported or not ?? indian cardsSamsung pay is sorpported or not?? Indian

  • Vali

Hello. I have a problem trying to connect my watch, Samsung Gear S3 with my new phone Xiaomi Mi A3. The phone "see" the watch , start the connection but do not finish it. With my previous phone, Xiaomi Mi A1, the connexion was great. Can anyone have an answer/ solution for my problem? Thank you.

Please I need your help and guidance. after up date sensors not working.
please help
thank you........

  • amal

samsung pay is supported or not ?? indian cards

Hi everyone
Some on offering me the gear s3 frontier for a good price but the only thing concerned me the battery draining after the last update
Please advise me
gear s3 frontier or going to Galaxy watch
Even I would like gear s3 frontier design too much more than Galaxy watch
Thank you

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

actually I am too much disappointed my Samsung Galaxy gear s3. I brought Kuwaiti xcite alganim. after four months i saw that my watch (smart gear s3) doesn't work 01. walk-up gesture 02.Samsung health hr. have any suggestions please give me honestly.

Anas , 23 Jul 2019Hi sir First of all my English is weak🙂 I bought s3 fron... moreHi Anas,

Thanks for your comment, i really appreciate you.
Actually I am also living in KSA. Here Gear S3 frontier price is 975 and Galaxy watch price around 1100 .
Gear S3 frontier so stylish yes you are right. Galaxy watch only have little bit more battery and get latest updates only. I also wait if there is any good offer for Gear s3 frontier available in ksa.

Thanks once again for your comment.

I also like Gear s3 frontier

  • Anas

XxAlixX, 23 Jul 2019Samsung gear s3 frontier ... or ... Samsung Galaxy watch ? ... moreHi sir
First of all my English is weak🙂
I bought s3 frontier 1 month ago and in my country (KSA) there is 100$ different and my brother have galaxy watch trust me don't buy the galaxy watch because there is no major difference between the gear s3.even gear the gear s3 looks batter than galaxy watch.

Samsung gear s3 frontier ... or ... Samsung Galaxy watch ?

Becuase in my country there is only few bucks difference. Please advise me.

And also is gear s3 frontier 46mm size ? same as galaxy watch 46mm ?

  • Quad_DAC

Its a great watch with Samsung Pay but Samsung decides to stop giving rewards to those who paired with a non Samsung phones (only for Gear S3, Galaxy Watch will still work fine tho). Maybe I should switch back to Garmin watch mainly for battery life since using Samsung Pay on my watch doesn't earn me anything.