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Samsung i300

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  • hatchet

i meant the w800i earphones

  • hatchet

had this phone a month now its blinding musics great with the w88i earphones only problem i've had is it don't stop ringing but thats maybe down to work this phone is the best there is at the mo

  • Anonymous

pretty annoying that first i300x came out to dull the impression of i300, but now the i310 and the other one wit 8gb and 10mg pxl! anyway, im happy wit getin a i300 but its not on o2 website anymore... anyone have reasons/suggestions? think it will still be available in high st but jus seeing if anyone new more on da subject

  • [: - )

wots the frame rate for i300

  • Anonymous

Great phone until i had a problem yesterday when turning it back on and it stated that 'no home screen installed' and then stated didnt have enough memory, please delete data but wouldnt let me do anything. Took my phone back and they exchanged it with no problem.

  • Rich

Glad to see the back of this now. Don't get me wrong, it has some good features, but a lot of them have inherent problems which cannot be worked around. The lack of useable voice dialing was my main gripe, but the distortion of voices through the phone (better via bluetooth, though bassy), was also poor. The 3gb drive is cool, but it's not for me....I found what I need in the O2 Exec...that has features beyond belief for a smartphone. Good luc with the i300 if yo should choose it...I'm sure it will suit a lot of people out there. And hey, if we all liked the same phone, there'd only be one brand and one model...right?

  • jack

does any1 know how to install software? thanx

  • Anonymous

When i get an incoming call on my i300 it doesnt ring long before going to voicemail, does anyone know how to extend the incoming call time?

  • paul

umm what can i say about this phone , its sounds great , with its 3gbhard drive , but what happens if it fails, well you not got much of a phone , and guess what , it did. as for replacing it , NO. dont like the phone , i had my one for just over a month and will be happy when it go,s. back to my old s700i , lease that works ,and its got photo to number and loads of software for it. think carefully before you get one , software to download not much about as the same for games .Might have a lookat the benQ siemens when it comes out in march.

  • Galaxer

You're right. Samsung support for that particular model is absolutely marginal. I think it's just because they have no real plans to implement it any more. In Germany, for example, they could not force the phone to work with O2 network... Shame on Samsung.

  • Rich

Nope, 3rd one now and it's pretty much as bad as the others....enough now, it can go back. Voice dialling poor, in call quality of sound is poor. Shame really, I liked the phone, but even going to Samsung had the response of "Well, it might just be poor on that particular model"....great, what service! If you want a music phone with big storage, then great, but don't anticipate it being anything other than a basic old 6230 beats it hands down for basic phone functions....even that voice dialled when driving. The only time the Samsung works is if its completely quiet, then some of the time it picks the right contact.

  • lucie

hello hav'nt got the phone yet, but does anyone no if you can put tom tom sat nav on the phn if yes any idea how much it will cost?? is the phone good?? email back if you can thanks very much

  • Rich

Hi again....

Sorry, I don't quite do I add the voice tag through BT and handsfree?

cheers, Rich.

  • Galaxer

Rich, you should add the voice tag to the contact through the BT handsfree... It works perfect in my case. I do not know what causes the problem.

After a month of using this phone, I should say I will probably replace it with Nokia e70 ASAP... :-)

  • Rich

Stupid phone....!!! I got my replacement today and re-synced all my files etc....ok, no problems apart from it deleting the odd wav file when it sees fit!! What's that about?

Worst problem though is the Voice dial...what a waste of gets the correct number maybe 1 out of 10 times, (less via a bluetooth headset) thus it's useless for me (and probably anyone else that drives a lot in connection with work). What's the point of it having all the bells and whistles if it can't even do a simple task such as voice old 6230 did that 2 years ago..!! Oh well, back it goes for something else then I guess. Maybe a separate phone and where did I put that trusty old Nokia?

Bye bye Samsung (unless someone can tell me how I record my voice and link it to my "Contatcs" so it recognises what I say and dials the correct far as Ican tell, the i300 does not have this simple feature).


  • Nick

I think it is an amazing and stunning phone but i am in two minds whether to buy this phone or not. The reason why i am saying this is that, I have read other reviews about the battery, that it drains alot when using the phone and because of this i am very confused about buying this phone.

Please, I need all the advice and help from you people out there who have this phone!!!!!! Please email me as soon as possible. PLEASE, PLEASE AND ONLY PLEASE

I really need to know what i am going in for in other not to end up regreting about my decision buying the phone or not!!!!!! THANKS EVER SOO MUCH!!!!!!!

  • red777

hi ive treid tomtom cant even get it ti work on transflash card advice would be nice
thanx inavance

  • Rich

Thanks Galaxer...!!

I'll have a look at that case....

Meanwhile the phone has gone back as faulty...speaker distorted every voice, and was worse via bluetooth, all bassy and muffled sounding...anyone else found this? Also, the voice dial would not recognise any name via bluetooth (Jabra 250V), and threw up all sorts or just failed. Is this normal?

For all those asking about SMS tone changes...I stored a small Wav file to the memory of the phone where all the other SMS tones are listed and it worked perfectly. Seems as though there's limited storage though as I initially stored 3, but only 2 stayed when I rebooted after a recharge.

  • jay

Has anyone got any decent soft wear or games for this phone, and were ya get them from? would be betta if they were free! lol ye if ya got any , and how do ya put them on the phone! just email us, thanks! jay

  • Galaxer

1. How do you get activesync to work?

You have to change USB mode Start - Settings - More - USB Mode from "Mass Storage" to "Active Sync". Should work fine. :-)

2. How do you set a WMA file as a ringtone.

Put the desired tone in the directory "Ringtones" on the HDD or Storage - Application Data - Sounds in the main memory of the phone.

3. How do you get the samsung media player to sort tracks by album and genre-

No idea.