Samsung i300

Samsung i300

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  • kachoff

This is the best thing samsung has brought to earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peter

Just a few questions:-
1. How do you get activesync to work? I've tried everything. The computer recognises the devise as a USB device but when I start up activesync it says there is no connection (I have set it to activesync, not mass storage btw).
2. How do you set a WMA file as a ringtone. This is really bugging me.
3. How do you get the samsung media player to sort tracks by album and genre- it will only sort them by title and artist whereas wmp 10 will sort them by everything.

  • Anonymous

its windows os 3 not 5

  • Jay

Hi i have an i300 and want to ask a few questions about it , If any one knows the answer 2 them then can you e-mail me please on i would be most greatful!! thanks, first: is there any more softwear you can get for this phone, like the remote control thing in the box, second: were can i get free downloadable games for my phone, and how do i put them on! third: how do get the artist and album names for songs on the phone, fourth: how do you upgrade the windows system, i have hurd that you can change it from 5 to 5.2?? and finaly: i have put loads of songs on my phone of some cds i have, from copying hem to itunes then putting them on the phone from the file location, i want one of these songs to be a ringtone, is this possible or dos the phone not take this file for ringtones??? if any one an help me i would be real greatful! thanks jay

  • Anonymous

hey if u go onto harddrive(hdd), settings, disk space, then disk compression, you can compress it so u can have a hard drive equilavent of 6gb! very slightly less but round about. it would mean all mp3s turned to aac, and resolution of photos/vids slighlty downgraded but this is hardly noticed. i did it today and it means i can now hold double the amount of songs. cant believe no one told me about this, well worth doing.

  • Anonymous

you can use mp3 as sms tone just need to save it in the hdd drive and there is no loudspeaker when in a call. Does anyone know how to view pics from my phone on my computer

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know how to use the loadspeaker when making calls?

  • jeff

can mp3 files or any other music file be used as SMS tone??no samsung phone cud do it..

  • Anonymous

Just to let people know, TomTom Mobile 5 will run on the samsung i300 if you transfer it onto a MicroSD card as tomtom is not supplied on one yet, also the 5.2 upgrade is needed as it doesn't run the 5.0 version.

  • DAJ

Oh my god guys how can you say this phone is bad, i havent even got it yet and i love it already. Gana get 1 next month!!
who cares about the battery life, just put it on charge every night and stop criticising!

  • Galaxer

2 Rich

Th Nokia Case CP-60 passed very good, it has no magnetic/metal parts.

  • Galaxer

To use Photo ID functions, you need the third party software like IA Caller ID. There are no internal tools to do this. Everybody who bought i300 is screwed up by Samsung. :-/

  • Anonymous

Hi; I recently recieved the i300 as a gift and I'm wondering whether anyone knows how to setup photo caller id with this phone. I've contacted Samsung UK and they keep giving me settings for other phones. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

I've just gone through two of these phones in a fortnight in the uk - there's a hard drive problem and once it happens the phone becomes useable. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem??

  • Anonymous

Hi. Can anyone help me on putting games onto my i300. Ive got the .jar files all ready on my pc but dont know were to go from there. thanks

  • mike hawk

hey to anyone already with a i300, i know it may seem a bit insignificant to sum but when video recording can u pause and then resume recording? onto the same file?


mike hawk

  • Rich

Hi there,

Love the phone, getting used to it slowly. One thing...I cant find a decent case for it...everything has a magnetic clasp, which as you know is a bad thing where a hard drive is concerned...any ideas?

Cheers, Rich.

  • Tedrick

Rob, dial 1760 from your O2 phone, this will cancel voicemail.

  • Rob

Yo, I have this phone on 02. Is there anyway to shut off the voicemail or at least extend it so it picks up after a certain amount of rings?

  • Anonymous

usb 1 or 2?