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Samsung i300

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  • optional (apparently

can windows mobile 2003 se OS allow you to edit documents, e.g. word, excel and powerpoint, or just view. whats the difference with WM5.0? thanks for replies...

  • Anonymous

had my phone now for a week , good phone, bad battery life . lol dont play with it to much . but has any one manage to get photo to caller on there,s . i been told by samsung yes you can , phone say,s no .

  • kmc

is there a way to turn hard disk off?

  • J

If you only use for calls and text is the battery life reasonbable?

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know if you can install tomtom mobile on the i300 and if so can you put it on the hard drive instead of using an sd card,if you can where do you install it to on the hard drive, any info on this would be great.

  • hortancej

How do you put mp3 songs are a ring tone? ive had this phone for 1.5 months, sik sik (meaning great). Battery sux

  • Ben

I have transferred my music from i tunes onto the hard drive but there is no track info, how do i get around this?

  • Robin

I've had one of these for a few weeks now.
The hard disk is a nice addition, but it saps the battery life so quickly that's made it only worth accessing when the phone is plugged into the mains or a PC. Using a MicroSD helps quite a lot, it's changed the battery life from about half a day to a day, while using the phone.
I can only get about 2 days use out of it if I just do the odd text message and ensure that all unused apps are closed.
The sound from the speakers in the back is quite good, I would says it's almost as good as the passive sony speakers I bought a few years ago for my Walkman. It's shame that you can't use the speakers for handsfree talking though (unless I've just not found out how to do it yet).
The best feature I've found on it is a bit of software they've included on the CD. It allows the InfraRed port (Samsung saw fit to include a decent one, not the usual rubbish 1 foot range job on most mobile phones) to work as a remote control. I've got it set up for the TV and stereo, it learns remotes quite well.
All in all I am quite happy with it, but I eagerly await a rom update to fix battery life, either by choosing whether to disconnect the HDD or improving it by other means, as well as an update for Windows Mobile 5.

  • Anonymous

how loud does this go? i hear that it is awesome and "defies belief". is this true? can it be heard in large crowds? would it go to about the loudness of a cd player? does it play all the bass frequencies perfectly? would the sound be anywhere near the quality and loudness of the alcatel ot s853?

  • shaliden

Had fone since last wednesday.Battery life rubbish.Had to use larger battery on Saturday,Fully charged midday.Knocked off midnight as smaller battery lasted hours.Knocked on in morning Half charge lost(In only 12 hours)Hadn't used music player for more than 20 minutes.Is there a way to shut down applications in the background(Currently have a track on pause cannot seem to just knoct it off)

  • peter

nice phone sleak yet eligant

  • Appy

Samsung have already Updated this Model to i300X It's now a 4GB hard drive.
Here's the link to samsungs very own web site....

  • mxxm

hi everyone ...

i want ask about the samsung i300 ...

Does the camera in the i300 Recording (( mp4 or 3gp or WMV )) ???

and what are u think about the quality of the video on i300 ???

and can anybody give me some ((videos)) about the ceamera ???((

thanks ...

  • hiinhello

hi guys

this phone is really very nice.
i am crazy for windows based phones. if possible can any one tell from where can i get this phone.

thanks in adv.

  • Lily

Hey there everyone who likes this rocking phone! Al, I`m gonna ask you to mail me on because i have a few questions about your i300. i tried to send u mail once, but obviously you don't have it, probably the mail is wrong, or i don`t get it. never mind, just write me please!

  • iain

is there any way of passwording files? like there is on the d500?

  • zpj

phone has quality sound and loud when play mp3! im using this headset from w800i,and it gives such powerful sound! just got it 3 days ago and i love it! im probably the first to have in Scandinavia! hehe! the only thing lacking is radio! it would be perfect if it has radio function! camera is ok, just like many other 1.3mb cam! :) if anyone want answer to anything, just write me! :)

  • al

as someone posted below you have to put the mp3 into 'my documents' on the hdd. Then when you disconnect from the computer it will be available as a ringtone.

And the usb lead DOES charge the phone :)

  • iain

hi is there a way of storing mp3's on the hdd instead of storage? and still being able to set it as a ringtone

  • iain

hi is there a way of storing mp3's on the hdd instead of storage?