Samsung I5801 Galaxy Apollo

Samsung I5801 Galaxy Apollo

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  • kush singh

hello frnds, i want to know can i do video chat on yahoo messenger through gprs in this phone. please guys help me. who ever know please tell i shall be grateful to u.
please please
if this phone not do then suggest any phone arround 10k.

  • cpj

two things, how do you disable the 3g.
Also, how to sync appolo with MS outlook calendar both ways.

  • cappu

i installed live wallpaper but its not applicable showing force close

  • Ayad

My father bought this phone for me.but i want to change it with nokia e5. Am i in the right way? Plz i need suggestion

  • g8

Mayank, 09 Oct 2011Overclocking will increase the battery consumption. Try downloa... moreI did as you suggested, but same issue. Some significant improvement is seen with SD card(2GB) removed, to verify card issue, I tried with 1GB samsung card but problem is still there. Any more suggestion?

  • priya

should I upgrade my phone to froyo or should I be satisfied with eclair..many are saying that swype and music player are not working after the upgrade..
Any suggestions friends??

  • sudharsan

m not able to set ma full size foto as wall paper? pls help me..

  • Mayank

g8, 08 Oct 2011Strange problem with my device. Device is running on froyo 2.2 l... moreOverclocking will increase the battery consumption.
Try downloading android assistant from the market and optimize the phone. It will show you the list of the processess running in background.

  • g8

Strange problem with my device. Device is running on froyo 2.2 latest update. Everything was well then suddenly too much lag started. It is working smooth for few minutes after coming out of sleep mode, then suddenly it hangs for 1-2 minutes and then after screen start dancing, opens and closes application and menu items randomly. I downgraded to eclair but same problem, then again updated to froyo and rooted, but still seeing same issue. I hope not a HW issue. Warranty is over so do not want to go to Service center. Any solution?

  • Dominator

overclock ur phone by the applicatin " overclock android" in the maket

  • Anonymous

overclock ur phone by the applicatin " overclock android" in the maket

  • Dominator

Now root ur phone using a simple software z4root.and use all the rooted applications.have fun.......
U can root and unroot by tthis software.

  • Anonymous

sagi, 01 Oct 2011Guys help me to buy new mobile phone during pooja su... moreGet LG Optimus One.

  • sagi

Guys help me to buy new mobile phone during pooja suggest me best android mobile phone which has good battery life and fast internet faciliy. galaxy mini or galxy apollo i5801.

  • Dominator

M using my g3 as a wifi simply rocks mannn....

  • aburvaa

i wanna use live wallpapers but this mobile doesnt support it.. so wat should i do.pls help me

  • aburvaa

AnonD-9345, 26 Sep 2011Hey, As far as I know this mobile is quite worth it. Though ma... morehey thanks it was useful

  • Mihir

Can any body suggest a good custom rom for my device
I was thinking of kyrillos rom they are really good rom which version to select i dont know

  • Vishal

Iam unable to download the games from this site since it is in russian language.can anyone plz help me out of this .iam browsing from mobile.its asks to sign in

  • AnonD-9345

As far as I know this mobile is quite worth it. Though many would suffer battery problems. I, too experienced battery issues, lags, hangs and other issues.
What I did was to flash the rom to Indroid v3.00 lagfix.
It's pretty decent, you could experience a magnificent change in your device. The rom is pretty fast, with no lags, battery? No issues, it's way better than the stock rom. For those who expect gaming from this device, I'm sorry it lacks the required graphic drivers to run high end 3D games. But, Thanks to the developers who found this app "chainfire 3d" using which we can reduce the quality and it makes the game playable(as said before, do not expect high end. :P).
I download games from this site, All the games work smooth, (the site is russian I guess, you should activate auto translator in chrome).

And, Many may wonder what flashing is OR how to be done. See this video to flash, It's an easy tutorial by Rudolf(cheers to him),­amp;feature=related. There's no need to think or panic, its really easy and can be done in about 15mins*.
To revert back to stock rom,­=1125387. Follow the same instructions shown in the above mentioned video tutorial.
To be more specific,­=873645.
Enjoy flashing. ;)
Thank you.
Any doubts, Mail at,