Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

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  • jedrzej

anonymous, thnx ur a good source of planning to buy innov8 maybe nxt month..thnx a lot.....

  • brynn

Bassam, 20 Jan 2009Plz any user can help me plz... I m going to buy N96 or N85 or ... moreMusic is the best ive heard on a cellphone,i found myself hearing notes ive not heard before and vocal quality and sonics are superb,,i know your not interested in cam but thats the best as far as camerafones go plus big bright screen ive got it set to almost dim and its still brighter than my n82 on full power,,all the themes i have on n82 work fine on innov8 ,,it works a little bit diffferent to nokia but you have three types of homescreen and 2 extra custmisable keys,,

Mine come with 4 videos,,drifters video which is half hour of asian streetdancing/breakdancing/hip hop wich i love plus a video tutorial and a tranformers trailer and another cartoon thingy..

I have 6 hrs of video alltogether and 2500+ mp3s on the 8 gb version with some of the mp3 on my 16gb sandisk card..Yes it takes longer to open up vids/photos/mp3s the more you put on but so does all my n-series nokias and my computer..

If you want to put opera mini on let opera suggest which version instead of tryting to put on the type you want..Also gypsy/shozu/route66/yahhogo!etc are al their plus full games not demos of ashphalt and a soccer game,theirs video editor and slow mo vide is brilliant,,i recorded my guinea pig running and couls see all its muscles twisting etc that you would never see normally,PLUS,,if you have nokia tv out cables they work in innov8 too. Fantastic smartfone and top in its class in almost every review plus its the most feature rich series 60 smartfone to date....

I find the transformers video played thru my 21 inch standard def tele is sharper than dvd..

  • abu teez

Slim Shady, 19 Jan 2009I am having another problem with this phone.When i play my recor... moreno im not having it at all

  • Anonymous

Bassam, 20 Jan 2009Plz any user can help me plz... I m going to buy N96 or N85 or ... moreTake innov8,,build quality much2 impresive than nokia,perfcet sliding! N96 has build quality issue,slow ui,n battery life..but amazing sq,n85 just average phone,i still prefer n958gb,n yeah..innov8 proven as best multimedia s60 fone,,now sammy technology at the same level with nokia,leave se,lg,moto behind by miles

  • Bassam

Plz any user can help me plz...
I m going to buy N96 or N85 or i8510 next week. Which is better. Camera is not my target. But i want good music,built quality,good sliding, good bettery. I already used N70,N73,N80,N91,N95. In my N95,i m not happy been used. Nokia interface good. I never use any other brand.
if i dawnload nokia theme, innov8 icon will change?
plz help me as a brother. Which is perfect. INNOV8 or N96 or N85. Plz reply me..

  • barrack

Annie, 20 Jan 2009i like tis phone, but i get in dilemma. tis overally good, probl... moretrue.. but its still the least imperfect phone on the market right now

  • Annie

i like tis phone, but i get in dilemma. tis overally good, problem is, no XENON FLASH? wat for??? does a perfect look innov8 cannot put xenon flash? makes innov8 imperfect

  • Anonymous

jedrzej, 20 Jan 2009to annonymous, thnx bro for the info. I have another question...... moreIt's symbian 9.3 Feature Pack 2 From s60 platform,the most popular with big margin on smartphone os marketshare,thousands 3rd party app u can get from internet,pay or free of course

  • Allan

Phoneoholic, 19 Jan 2009hey guys.. i had my samsung innov8 for a month now. the phone is... moreno Gateway means that wi fi is either secured or you need a wep key which is basicaally the same thing.

Or it might be wi fi with no internet, if thats even possible!

Find free wi fi, it's out there and you will connect!

  • GT42NV

In Australia you can now get this phone from Vodafone for $15 a month on the $79 internet cap over 24 months. On top of that you get 3 months free access ($79 x 3 for free which will appear on your 5th 6th and 7th months bill). This makes the phone even more alluring!

Think about it
$79x 3 = $237 (free access)
$15x 24 = $360 (monthly repayments)

$360 - $237 = only $123 for the phone and you still get $550 of credit and 400MB of data each month, the phone can even double as a wireless modem for you laptop)

Now give me 1 good reason why you haven't bought it yet! LOL

  • jedrzej

to annonymous, thnx bro for the info. I have another about installing 3rd party apps?does d fon supports it?i have heard so many rumors that it cant support 3rd party it true?thnx ....

  • Anonymous

Afaik,it's still da best s60 n 8mp take over nokia tech at s60 battle..n a lot of profe$sional review site like M-R,smape,gsmarena,mobilearsenal said that innov8 is d best 8mp camfone..congratz samsung! Now samsung no 2 at global market share n the gap between samsung n nokia reduced..leave SE,LG,Moto far2 away..n yeah..their touch ui also bestseller

  • brynn

Maybe we should compare software versions,,type of fone ie 8 or 16gb and wether its sim free or which carrier your on??

I am sim free,,8gb version and using voda uk..

software version i8510xxhj3
software version date 7/10/2008

custom version i8510lo8xeuhj1
custom version date 01/10/2008

language set 08

model i8510

type i8510

last updated not updated but i have done??

  • Slim Shady

I am having another problem with this phone.When i play my recorded videos in fullscreen mode by realplayer the vids get discoloured and the sound doesnt sync,but in normal mode it plays fine.Does anyone else have this problem?Every1 check plz.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2009hey its simple all you have to do is go in settings/security and... moreHi i had a look and dnt hav that option it 16gb innov8 plz help any 1

  • brynn

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2009I've got an Innov8, a N95 8gb and a N82. Surely Innov8 is the be... morei updated mine,,just download samsung pc studio and its just replica of nokias..last icon is update,,...

My original version was august 08 now its october..Most none compatible stuff is probably because its nokias only software but i have not encounterred anything series 60 that wont install..Themes can be installed by winding back the year in your clock settings,,i.e. 2007 or 2008

  • Anonymous

I've got an Innov8, a N95 8gb and a N82. Surely Innov8 is the best, but its compatibility is bad, many things don't work, there's no update. And the mos important, you just can't hack it.

  • SymbianWorld

Here some unboxing pictures of the INNOV8:­nno8-unboxing-pictures/

  • optimalan

best mobile phone ever made,totaly beats the nokia and the rest of the competiton

  • Phoneoholic

hey guys.. i had my samsung innov8 for a month now. the phone is great, better than my old LG viewty. Camera is ammazing. beats my olympus 6.1 digicam. could been better if it has zenon flash though. i hate the samsung theme. i preffer nokia themes. i tried to download ang install themes but theres an error in the phone "untrusted file". although i can continue installing it. it was too risky.

i have one question though, how do connect to internet through wifi? iv tried it but when i try to connect, it sys "no gateway". pls help me.