Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

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  • PiYU

Bigger is Better. But not in every aspect.

  • mr

anyone who has this phone, when playing music with headphones, phone in my pocket, can i skip tracks with the volume keys???


  • Mr Burke

Does Symbian support VGA resolution? Is QVGA really sufficient for such a large display?

  • Mrigank Pawar

Why is this such a COMPLETE phone? This IS my nxt fone, unless SE comes out wit sumthng betr till I save up for dis 1.
Gr8 job, Samsung!

  • Symbian Fans

why no QWERTY...?? i don't like numeric pad >.

  • Rwiai

Anonymous, 13 Dec 20081 Month into owning this phone and i dont have any Dust in my di... moreWhat type of web browser does samsung i8510 has? Is it Netfront mobile brower or that found in most nokia smart phones?

  • Rwiai

Real player in smartphone has got limited functionality for it can not play various video files in succession. It play single file then you need open another after play. Coreplayer is the best

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Dec 20081 Month into owning this phone and i dont have any Dust in my di... morethink it must be nokia fans or people working for other phone company's tryin to put people buyin this phone...

truth hurts...the champ is here

  • Anonymous

1 Month into owning this phone and i dont have any Dust in my display. Must be a myth

  • Mitthu

Awsome review gsmarena.this thing rides really fast no doubt ... there is no such problem like dirt is getting inside the screen or signal reception is bad.ive owned this fone and i think this is the best quality model samsung ever produced ... great value for money.haters please stay out

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Dec 2008Hi, anyone has any idea? pls help...thanks!When listening to music, there is no sms tones, only vibration.
But the call ringtones is on.

  • Anonymous

sannnz, 07 Dec 2008Hi may i know if you are able to hear incoming message or calls ... moreHi, anyone has any idea? pls help...thanks!

  • Anonymous

onomatopeja, 09 Dec 2008optical mouse sucks but INNOV8 is absolutly awsome pozdrawiam ... moreYea, i don't really like the optical mouse function either.

However, u can turn it off at Menu\Setting\general\personalisation\optical joystick.

So no problem at all.

  • Anonymous

Johny, 10 Dec 2008Great phone all around! but video player kinda fast fo... morehmm.. why people always saying that the real player in this phone do not have the fast forward and rewind function for video???

The real player in this phone works the same as most Nokia Symbian phone.

When u watching video in horizontal mode, press the up navi key for fast forward and press the down navi key for rewind.

left and right navi key is for volumn control.
hmmm... hope this help to clear some confusion.

And btw, this is a symbian phone. Which mean there are dozens of third party funky video player out there for u to try for decade.

  • Anonymous

Tropolite, 11 Dec 2008 Hi Naidu As you've had your Innov8 for a little while now I w... moreNope... sorry, don't think the phone can do voice call.
I check in the menu or setting but no such function.
Maybe just i cannot find it. Someone else can confirm?

  • Anonymous

ali, 11 Dec 2008It's realy bad phone very bad battry and lense cover dont loos... moreIn what sense u think the lens cover is bad?
It is automatic lens cover. In fact it is even better than C905 and Renoir.

What about the battery? It can last for 2 and a half days for moderate use. What's more can we ask for a high end phone like this?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2008This phone DOES have autorotation. You need to switch it on via ... moreYea, it definitely have auto rotate.
Go to Menu\Setting\General\Personalisation\Display and turn on the Auto Pivot mode.

  • TK4

Innov8 is jack of all-trades.
Almost all my devices are touchscreen, from my mp3 to my laptop...
So, if i would consider a non-touchscreen phone most definitely it would this phone.
No offense to N96, but I think innov8 has a an edge over it.

  • lol

what's da difference between the 16gb n 8gb?is the 16gb and 8gb 2 diffrent phones?is there any diference between i8510 and innov8

  • Anonymous

Younus, 11 Dec 2008as far as specifications are concerned ofcourse go for Sansung, ... moreread the reviews! game over...