Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

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  • Anonymous

ali, 11 Dec 2008It's realy bad phone very bad battry and lense cover dont loos... moreI don't have any problem with lens cover ??? Battery is typical of most high end Symbian handsets. There is no other allround handset to compete with this beast, unless you want to sacrifice the camera for 5mp or you're happier with touchscreen.

  • Anonymous

onomatopeja, 09 Dec 2008optical mouse sucks but INNOV8 is absolutly awsome pozdrawiam ... moreThe optical touch pad is excellent once you get used to it, especially when web browsing. Seems weird using another handset without the optical pad once you get used to the i8510.

  • Anonymous

Laputa, 10 Dec 2008It doesn't have the auto rotation accelometer as noted in the sp... moreThis phone DOES have autorotation. You need to switch it on via the menu.

  • ali

It's realy bad phone
very bad battry and lense cover
dont loose your money :(

  • naehm

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970hi! how much is this phone if i will buy it from you?

  • Anonymous

ram, 10 Dec 2008can anyone tell me if this phone will be released in australia??not sure but you can get it on ebay (au) now.
hope that helps

  • Tropolite

Naidu Yegi, 08 Dec 2008I had this phone from 6th Dec 2008. Eventhough it's just 3days, ... more
Hi Naidu
As you've had your Innov8 for a little while now I wonder if you can (or anyone else) confirm that you can do voice dialling, using a bluetooth headset and a voice command?


  • ram

can anyone tell me if this phone will be released in australia??

  • carloud

seems like a very very good phone,

though in terms of processor, gsmarena claims that samsung themselves also said that innov8 uses only 1 processor...hmm

if this is soo...processor wise...I think even the supposedly "slow" n96 has an edge...

though according to gsmarena, samsung did a great jopb in using the processor...

judging from seems after reading the comments about n96 even though n96 may be more powerful than innov8...innov8 uses its resources more efficiently...hence it is actually faster than n96 in most cases

and apart from that..the difference of the speed of n95 is alsmot the same of that of the innov8 hehehe

nice ^_^

  • Anonymous

I am really confused on what to get...either INNOV8, Nokia 5800 or Xperia. Any suggestions?

  • Anonymous

wht is actuatl cpu speed cuase 330 cpu speed in gsm arena review and specifiction , but i read in user reviews there are two user claim 450 cpu speed,soplz clear this confusion and i take better dession,yhx

  • Anonymous

Have, 10 Dec 2008Is the Samsung GT-i8510 INNOV8 the same phone as the Samsung -i8510?yup

  • Have

Is the Samsung GT-i8510 INNOV8 the same phone as the Samsung -i8510?

  • chris2004

Is there any difference between the Asian, the European and the UK version???
Imported from Asia is cheaper?
is ther any difference?
thank you

  • Snow

INNOV8 has OMAP2430 chip which mean that it has CPU with HW graphics accelerator (MBX Lite), also the CPU frequency has been pulled up to 450 MHz from a previous value of 330 MHz.

I hope you to fix the review!!!!

  • brc

another review that cements the i8510 as the BEST phone out at the moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aphase

Very nice handset, best of the best ;)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2008how do you format the batteryMy guess is to let it run out completely and recharge it. No?

  • Anonymous

Did anyone take a gander in the begining of the review at the New LG thats coming out? Looks pretty nice.

  • Johny

Great phone all around! but video player kinda fast forward or Rewind...if i stop a video i have to watch the whole thing again! kinda annoying...other then that its great!!!