Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

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  • Anonymous

Did anyone take a gander in the begining of the review at the New LG thats coming out? Looks pretty nice.

  • Johny

Great phone all around! but video player kinda fast forward or Rewind...if i stop a video i have to watch the whole thing again! kinda annoying...other then that its great!!!

  • Laputa

It doesn't have the auto rotation accelometer as noted in the specs, which is fine cause it tends to be bothering anyway. This is a CAMERA phone, if you bother to learn a little in the camera setting, you'll get great quality pictures.

  • krlosRD

Excellent Review! Thanks a lot GSMARENA. This will be a nice gift for my Christmas :)

  • onomatopeja

optical mouse sucks but INNOV8 is absolutly awsome
pozdrawiam wszystkich warszawiaków

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2008innov8 has dedicated dsp or digital sound processing chip ... moreNone of that is true, except for the dsp and dlne part.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2008Foget it pal, GSM Arena will not do review for this phone. ... morehuh i think now you have to pay $50 to n@y@n cause the innov8 review is here!!

  • Anonymous

OMG read the full review !!

there is no bad problem .

i love and want it .

thanks u samsung ,

  • Cole

Very Cool Phone!
Great Job By Samsung!

  • mahmoud

seems like a nice all-arounder , but how much is the price range? hope it´s not expensive,,,

  • wahid

that is verry nice. perfect style.

  • Anonymous

how do you format the battery

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2008my battery life on my samsung i8510 16 gb only lasts about ... moreplease can someone reply as to why my battery keeps going flat after about 30min talk time i8510 16 gb

  • Anonymous

my battery life on my samsung i8510 16 gb only lasts about 30min talk time does anyone no why

  • zack

hi guys im planning 2 buy g810 or innov8 pleez tel me which is beter n y???

  • zpede

I have problems with this phone. Screen goes black, and doesnt react if i press any button. If i take the battery out, it will start oknp, but again, same problem. :/ Does anyone got same problem, or does anyone have a solution?

  • Anonymous

GSMArena please put the full review .

we needed it . please please please .

ok gsmarena ?

thanks .

  • Iceman

Hi all who ever already bought this phone, I have question regarding the map. Does the cd came with the map only for your country or with other country as well in case we travel? Many thanks?

  • Naidu Yegi

I had this phone from 6th Dec 2008. Eventhough it's just 3days, i'm overwhelmed with this phone. A great experience. I also own N95 8GB, Sony Ericsson k850i, HTC TYTN II. But this one got great features and technology. In the country im residing in (South Africa), there is a lifetime free GPS which is also helpful. It came up with GPS Car Kit, Car Charger, TV Out jack and most importantly it's 8MP Camera where u don't need to carry a Mobile and a Camera. And no need to worry about the space for pictures, music and movies as it has 16GB of space on board and you can put 16GB of Micro SD. 128 MB dedicated RAM. An excellent phone with all new features. I would suggest anyone to buy this if you are ready to buy a expensive phone.

Thanks.. Shanku (Naidu Yegi)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970weird review at phone arena, in the review it seems like they didnt like the i8510 all that much but still gave the phone a rating 9 out of ten...
another 8mp ph comparison review, they put the i8510 as winner.. i think the people at phonearena are apple iphone fans and are having a hard time spittin out the truth...this phone IS the best phone on the market at the moment.