Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970jet li. First of all I have tried using the normal cable lying around my house. It's the one with a 3.5mm at one end and the other end is 3 heads with 3 colors (red, Yellow and White) which goes to the TV. I'm using the one which came with myu computer. I think any DIY shops has it so don't have to spend alot to get it goin. So far tried and no prob once plugged in the phone prompts whether I wanted TV out selected.

  • jet li

someone tell me if the innov8 loud?

  • Anonymous

I finally configure my phone to receive the Internet. The Innov8 is excellent in receiving the Web. Thank you Howardforums!!

  • nbuggell

"THIS PHONE IS THE BEST" Yes it's true,they are just jealous. For me the battery works fine just put the settings to battery saving mode.

  • Shou Ji

brc, 04 Dec 2008im probably a couple weeks late but...what the hay... Samsung... moreYes, Samsung GT-i8510 INNOV8 is :

- Best Mobile handset at Asia Mobile Award 2008
- Most Favorite Mobile Phone in Asia by polling
- Best Camera Phone at UK Mobile Choice Consumer Award 2008
- Best Game Phone at World Cyber Game 2008
- Etc.

  • David Brazil

MAtt, 04 Dec 2008Anyone knows if the accelometer works with this phone , cos mine... moreU gotta go to settings>general>personalization>Display>Auto Pivot>On... There u go.

  • David Brazil

george, 04 Dec 2008Hey, I recently got the innov8 and have some trouble transferrin... moreAudio manager? U just have to transfer the music to the music files at the mass memory or memory card, go to the music player, options, refresh and it will find your music.

  • MAtt

Anyone knows if the accelometer works with this phone , cos mine isnt working when im browsing the net or the pics or is there a setting where you can put it on ? thanks

  • george

Hey, I recently got the innov8 and have some trouble transferring music to the phone. Even though the audio manager detects the device, it doesn't seem to detect the memory and won't let me transfer.

Ideas? =/

  • brc

im probably a couple weeks late but...what the hay...

Samsung Electronics is proud to announce that it has won the ‘Asia Mobile Award’ for ‘Best Mobile Broadband handset/device’ with Samsung Innov8 by GSMA, the global trade group for the mobile industry. The award, announced at the Asia Mobile Award gala dinner on November 18th, praised Samsung Innov8’s almighty multimedia features and superb camera quality.

thats for all u haters :)

  • Peter C

I agree with only samsung! ... snif snif.. i smel jealousy

  • Ryo Jin

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970The Rating isn't from GSMArena team, but from people vote(including fanboy).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970i agree with you 100%

  • Kyle

HOw is the loudspeaker ?
Is it loud as N73 ?

  • krlosRD

john, 03 Dec 2008I just bought this phone two weeks ago! and i love it! amazing ... morehi John, Your problem is not a big deal. As a Smartphone you just have to read and practice all the menus and options of symbiams.

Its price is kind of expensive but worthy :)

What can people say about the pictures at night? Does it takes a long time to save a picture when you take it?

  • Anonymous

john, 03 Dec 2008I just bought this phone two weeks ago! and i love it! amazing ... moreOf course there´s Playlist, just go to the Music Player, there´s Artist, Album then Playlists!!! For the Video Player, as a Symbian fone u have at least two other options of programs to install, Coreplayer and Divxplayer, they both fast forward. Cheers.

  • john

Anonymous, 02 Dec 2008Alma at Tell her Ray (UK) recommended. regardsI just bought this phone two weeks ago! and i love it!
amazing camera quality...although the battery life is 8hrs talk time...picture time is about sucks if u use the camera a lot u better get a car charger...

This fone is great! (better then the N96!!)but i don't know if it was worth my 700 playlist on the music player...i have to back out and pick an other song to play! and no fast forward or rewind on the video player...i have to watch the whole movie...i can't skip!!!


other then the fone is amazing!!! i love it!!

  • Anonymous

dis fone 14 on d ranks droppin quick n fast

  • Cruz

Wat web address do i use if i wanna log into aim on dis handset?

  • glen

MIKE, 22 Nov 2008Hi Glen . No ! I haven't had this problem . When the battery sig... moreThanks it must just be a glitch on my phone. I get a faint beep for the low battery, then I have about 1 to 2 mins to get it plugged into the charger before it switches off