Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

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  • joe the plumber

does an USA charger, without any adapters, exist for this phone?

  • Revy

review pls,it's hard to decide between this or SE's C905.
which music playing quality is better between these two?

  • ng_lee

Hi can someone please tell me bout this phone? please
is this phone really support WMV like it said?
can this phone be updated the firmware? By how?

Please please....

  • Victor

thanks david and anonymous! Now the Internet is working! and I agree with you David, the thing is that people who said that "trash is innov8, or Samsung is garbage" are the nokia fans, and do not want to admit because they do not accept that samsung is taking the market now

  • ..joey..

..seriuosly itz bout tym gsmarena gives us a review.. i mean even the SE C905 review is alredy out..

  • David Brazil

Victor - U should choose packet data, and instead of putting the IP address, u should use this number in the proxy place.The route66 is free to download at their site, u only pay for the maps u want. How can anyone sat that this phone sucks??? Sorry, but it absolutely doesn´t...

  • Anonymous

victor - packet data is your network provider connection.

  • Gaby

Plz tell me the real life time for the battery in stand-by?

  • Victor

ooh and i forgot something... my cellphone doesn´t have ROUTE66 pre-instaled, do i have to download it?

  • Victor

thanks! pspndsaddict! but i still have 1 problem.. here it says me "packet data connection", i have configure the WAP and i live in paraguay, so i asked to my cellphone company the number of the IP address and all the rest.. but in the configuration they say to me that i have to put in type of connection "GPRS" but the only 2 options that i have is WIRELESS and PACKET DATA, so my question is, exactly what is the packet data? and how i can configure right the wap connection

  • pal

hi, just got this. first venture into smartphone. Im impressed. battery life seems short. my main question is route 66 bundled or not. Its there but no maps. I was led to believe it was included.

  • Anonymous

I love this phone!!!!!

  • Anonymous

would expect the front camera to be 1.3mp

Does anyone know when/if this will be avilable direct through networks?

  • ses

Victor, 28 Oct 2008hi everybody, i have this phone since last saturday and till now... morewe do share same problem with this handset. and the battery life is too short though i love this phone.

  • pspndsaddict

Victor, 28 Oct 2008hi everybody, i have this phone since last saturday and till now... moreHi Victor,

I asked the accelerometer sensor before, so I can reply you on this.
Go to setting, general, personalisation, display and switch on the auto pivot.

Have fun with Innov8!

  • wannabe

I would've considered this if it had a 640x480 screen instead of a 320x240 with a 8mp camera.

head =/= tails

  • Victor

hi everybody, i have this phone since last saturday and till now i like it very much, the camera resolution is awesome! but there are 2 things that i don't understand yet, please help me!

1. In applications, the GPS+ says something like this "This application may incur charges to tour phone bill" but when i click in "OK" says that i don't set an access point yet, but mi internet access point is my wireless connection. Quest. What type of acces point or connection needs the GPS+? and how i download directly to the phone the ROUTE66 application?

2. How I activate the accelerometer sensor?

  • Anonymous

Is this likely to be available on the UK '3' network anyone? I asked in my local 3 store and the thicko there wasn't even aware of the phone's existance

  • insaneman

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2008how mp is the front camera? will the screen get scratch easy? pl... morei have to say the screen is a bad point about this phone has it does scratch really easy but at the same time dont think it will crack as easy as the n95 as it does have extra cover over the lcd screen i would recomend getting getting a pouch to stop getting to many scatches i got one after about 2 weeks and it has loads of scatches just in that time but better than my old n95 broke screen twice in just over two weeks

  • Anonymous

how mp is the front camera? will the screen get scratch easy? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply! many many thx