Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

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  • khai

basescu, 05 Sep 2008just browsed the user manual, downloadable at http://samsungi851... morethere are at least 2 shortcut keys in the keypad of i8510

  • basescu

excellent! thanks striker! that's one off my chest..

  • Striker

Log IS available by pressing call button - press it, and it brings up dialled numbers, then press left or right to see missed calls, received calls etc etc.

  • basescu

so no online firmware upgrade? who's happy about that? Also, why wouldn't you be able to access your log from your "CALL" button? why just the last dialled list? how about customizing shortcuts? i'm in the dark here..

  • Krisbee

does anyone know what Sat-nav software this comes with? is there any free software or do you have to pay for it?

  • basescu

just browsed the user manual, downloadable at it's quite evasive, i was looking for assignable shortcuts, or shortcuts in any manner.. nothing there.. also, i'm not sure it's the official i8510 manual. But are there any nokia users who made the leap to i8510 and could tell me what to expect? is it as friendly as nokia? hopefully it will be available in Romania soon so that i could try it out in the local store.. but till then pls help!

  • Matin

Hey guys.Well the innov8 is available in Axiom- Mall of Emirates- Dubai for 3.674 DHs and they are also booking N96 for 4000.00 Dhs.I`m lovin both.

  • Anonymous

in the pages number 28,29,30.31,32 of the thread there's a bunch of awesome samples

  • Anonymous

sorry this is the link:­lay.php?f=168

  • Anonymous

hi, this phone its amazing, but i want to expose you some ideas.... why the hell all phone manufacturers install cmos sensors instead of ccd ones??? i gladly pay the extra amount of have the technology....there's a cheap phone made in thailand called IMOBILE 902 that can do by far better pics than this one.
i recommend you to read the review and photos of this mobile in
thay are really awesome.....
and the only reason is the ccd sensor made by sony the imobile has.
Please samsung and all others DO CCD CAMERA PHONES.
I enjoy go holidays but what i do not enjoy is carrying ONE mobile for calls,ONE camera for pics,ONE computer for internet....
c'mon samsung you can do better....
regards from samsung lover

  • Kal

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2008Of course that its similar, after all Samsung is well known for ... moreAre you reffering to Innov8's menu being same as N95??? Get some besic education then. Samsung is paying for S60 silence here. The menus got to look same. It is no way copying.

  • Anonymous

mike dolan, 04 Sep 2008to all the non believers out there the i8510 is 399.99!!!...i wo... moreOf course that its similar, after all Samsung is well known for Copying others success

  • wiley...again

does anyone by any chance know what the 'etiquette mode' is?and is anyone having problems using it with windows media or finding it slow or am i in my own little bubble of samsung not wanting to work for me?

  • Sanj

I am very tempted to get this all singing all dancing samsung I8510 my only concern is the GPS.I am basically wanting to know if the GPS is somthing like the Nokia N95 or is it like the IPhone? Basically does it navigate like the N95s do or only give positioning?

And does anyone know this so called "Download is only valid for 7 days" work with the GPS on this phone?

  • wiley wordsmith

john, 04 Sep 2008battery life?well i took it off charge around 8 hours ago and ive been listening to music via bluetooth and its still got about 2/3rds of juice left!will take it off first thing in the morning and see how our betty runs and when shes ready to conk out!

  • john

battery life?

  • Mark

Yes i couldnt believe it... i expected it to be about 600 at first. Just hope i like it, ive never used a samsung before and im parting with my n95 8gb for it..

  • wiley wordsmith

i cant believe it i just rang up the carphone warehouse and yes people it IS run run and go and buy it!that said theres no price yet for the 16gb yet so dont know if i should sent it back and posibly save myself a 100...thoughts?

  • wiley wordsmith

mike dolan, 04 Sep 2008to all the non believers out there the i8510 is 399.99!!!...i wo... moreno way!!! how much are they selling the 16gb for? it worked out 600 on the o2 contract which is pretty much the same on other sites waiting to get a hold of the handset. ive only had it for a few days but to save ahundred pounds ill happily send it back and order it again!