Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

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  • Anonymous

J, 05 Aug 2008We are getting so close to the perfect handheld...just add a tou... moreforget touchscreen & optical zoom! just put in a xenon flash and this phone woulda seriously been off the hook!

  • J

We are getting so close to the perfect handheld...just add a touchscreen interface and an optical zoom! Heck, I guess at 8MP I can do without the optical zoom, but I hate writing an email on a keypad!

  • 3G

wai, 05 Aug 2008is this a touch screen phone? when will it be relaesed in Australia?Not for a very long time. Maybe late next year. I work for 3G and the goss goin around sayin that we gettin it around late next year. who knows things can change. I know this is my next phone

  • Anonymous

At this stage we can say that samsung beat Nokia and Sony Ericsson. Weelllllll Done Samsung.

  • snk007

this iis very good fhone i like the shape, spec and design. This is m next fhone. Thanksssssss Samsung

  • Anonymous

this phone is astronomically good!

  • Anonymous

i wonder, how does a video of qvga resolution at 120 frames per second looks like. vhs quality is in 352*288 px resolution, tv-quality video is in vga at 30fps

  • Jake

hmmm! just got the samsung g810 yesterday!

and as i have seen! this is better than my G810 w/c costs 25,000 pesos here in the philippines! but never mind! maybe i'll just buy myself this phone this sem break.. hehe!

  • wai

is this a touch screen phone? when will it be relaesed in Australia?

  • Anonymous

this is too expensive. us1000+.

  • far

Oh i like this oh paper, but... what is the launch price? This might blow a lot of phones out of the water, but I'm guessing it'll also blow a hole clean through my wallet.

  • jake

it is off the hook it's way too cool it's better than any phone in the histroy of phones and it's made in samsung which is in south korea my home country...

  • Sam

750 Euros! OMG! Come on Samsung, the price is a real deal breaker

  • Jim

WOW!!! Did you guys see the new camera samples thats been added?!

It is downsized to 2MP resolution, but the picture is SUPERB!!!!

  • Anonymous

GSMARENA added a many new sample photo in preview .

wow wow wow . its superb .

see it .

  • MIKE

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2008samsung is number1 at the moment,omnia,g810,primera beat se and ... moreDon't write ridicolous G810 with that two !!!

  • Anonymous

it is an expensive phone

  • Kenzo

Kal, 04 Aug 2008What do you mean by "Can Sammy make Symbian???"...Samsung has be... moreI mean exacly that!
ur rite 2 be exact a few months........ :oP........besides gsm arena says the UI isnt as cool as Nokias..... il wait 4 the full i think the phones cool.......

  • Dani

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2008showdown between Sammy and Noky moreGreat Pics