Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

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  • Anonymous

showdown between Sammy and Noky­6685619/

  • Anonymous

this ph is slider!!! I'm extremely boring with slider phs as i use them for many years.

  • SymbianWorld

Here a great hands on video:­the-samsung-innov8/

  • plwh888

This is the right replacement for N95 rather than N96. Samsung is smart to get all the specs right and ditch the DVB-H in favor of multi-codec video playback.

I speculate the delay behind N96 is the DVB-H TV broadcast receiver, DVB-H is not really ready for prime time and I believe not many countries support it either. Singapore does with the irritating MobileTV on her buses, noisy but am sure if its works with DVB-H or not.

If N96 comes without the DVB-H TV broadcast receiver, then it will become just N95-16GB.
So I think Nokia makes a big mistake by naming it N96 when it should be named as N7X in response to the other DVB-H phone. Now most of us are getting mixed up that N96 is N95 replacement when it is actually not.

If Nokia dont release N96 soon, people will get impatient and switch to Samsung INNOV8, but if Nokia release it sooner, people will find themselves with a useless DVB-H receiver and yet paying for its functionality.

Guess Nokia is facing with a Chicken and Egg situation now . . .

If INNOV8 comes along soon enough, I will just say goodbye to N96, Hello INNOV8 =)

  • Anonymous


very very good space .

i will buy this phone and yes ! this phone better than c905 and n96 .

thank you sammy .

  • Kal

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2008The INNOV8 charging over its microUSB is a huge downside compare... moreI wonder how you came to this conclusion that INNOV8 cant upload/download while charging? Any source?
Usually when you wish to upload/download or transfer files from you PC, the USB connector itself acts as a charger and the phone get charged from you PC. My ancient Samsung D720 even does that. Am quite sure this will do the same.

  • Kal

Kenzo, 04 Aug 2008Im a symbian freek!!!!and a Nokia Fan! think this phone sweet sp... moreWhat do you mean by "Can Sammy make Symbian???"...Samsung has been making Symbian phones for quite sometime now. They are licenced from Nokia. So you wont notice much improvement in UI. Now that nokia plans to buy back all shares of symbian and creating a non-profit symbian foundation, it will be royality-free open-source for everyone to use. Then only we will see some major improvement.

  • Kenzo

Im a symbian freek!!!!and a Nokia Fan! think this phone sweet specs... Can Sammy make Symbian???????????? Nt impressed by the UI......saw the review....on ill wait till the full 1 comes out....after u Sammy fans cool down lol. All i want in my Phone is HD-video recording. Optical Zoom!pred 4x......

  • Anonymous

it is a very good chut mobil phone

  • just me

i kinda got what was samsung doing in all the past years
sasung was waiting for all the features to come out in the market and make a srtong phone so samsung is something afterall
nice strategy samsung u will win this year.
too bad nokia, se and motorola didnt did that strategy

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2008Advantages of NOKIA N96 over SAMSUNG i8510 INNOV8: -DVB-H -NGA... moreThe INNOV8 charging over its microUSB is a huge downside compared to the N96.

The N96 can download/upload and charge at the same time.

But the INNOV8 cannot, because both the charger and USB are used by the same port.

And, the N96 still has a far, far better design than the INNOV8.

So, the INNOV8 does have stereo FM radio; why doesn't GSMArena say so?

  • Anonymous

i want dis foneeeeeeeeee!!!!

  • Anonymous

It's currently the best phone today.

  • Anonymous

Preview with VIDEO SAMPLE taken from the phone

  • Tahir Hussain

Dear Friends,

just a very basic question

Does this mobile has microsoft office documents like word, excell amd PPT reading and editing facilties

please help

  • amr

wooooooooooow awesome!!

  • sugar

Why are you guyz crying out bitterly about the flash??? Its no big deal at all. I make most pics in the day time, and i dont need a flash for that, so its a perfect fone 4 me. Even normal cameras when put on auto dont flash in the day time. Even if u want to make pics in the night in a lit up area, i think with the additional leds the pic will be perfect. I dont see no good reason why you shouldn't buy this fone just bcos of the flash. U guys that ave xenon flash fones sincerly speakin how many times did u make pics in the night??? i dont think its more than the pcs u made in th day. so just stop complaining and keep ur opinion 4 ur selves.

  • Kenyan

Anonymous, 03 Aug 2008no, nokia ARE bringing out a 8mp cam. not gunna be released til ... moreProve it!!! any link? etc etc

  • Kenzo

Kenzo, 01 Aug 2008WoW Sammy u'v realy out done ur self!!!! Few Q's though........... moreI jst hav a few Q's
1. can Sammy make symbian phones? good is the battery life
3.the UI......?

  • Rohit Deshpande

hey guys.. i have samsung D900i.. and itz working well frm past 1 year.. Infact accidently I dropped the celphone so many times on floor.. bt... no scratch or any kinda internal problem.. 3Mp camera quality.. simply superb.. n screen clarity is awesome.. n sound quality in earphones as well as in speakers totaly unbeatable.. looks is stunning.. all dis at a price tag of 10K.. so My frnds I guess i8510 with all feature packed might be gud.. I dnt think that NOKIA, SONY ERICSSION can gve such quality features evn in up coming celphones.. so samsung rulez n crystal clear winner of present n future..