Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

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  • dc88

is there a lot of problems on this phone? so I'm not sure of getting this one. can you please tell me. Or would you recommend the omnia hd instead? Thanks!

  • Gio

Where can I find the best original themes for this phone. Please reply my question. Thanx!!!!

  • max-montenegro

you cant changed letters type,also there is no softwere problems[xxhj4]at all.advice for samsung engeniers:make it a little bit thiner,put the vertical border on keyboard,xenon flash will help,also.oled display seem to be>must have.

  • rigasnar

Hi everyone! I am really interested in this phone and i want to know if there are any hardware or software problems i should know or any problems like battery life or poor sunlight visibility? Thanks a lot

  • Innov8 user

Does anybody know how to change the font styles? the letters look really ugly like on the phone which have 220 x 176 res. so please repley da answer!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!

  • grman

This is the LOUDEST MOBILE PHONE EVER (expept chinise)
Insert to secret menu (*0002*28346*#) and tune up the volume levels everywere you want!

  • grman

Secret Codes For Symbian Phones (samsung)­s-for-symbian-phones.html

  • grman

11 battery saving tips for Samsung i8510 INNOV8­ips-for-samsung-i8510-innov8.html


how long does the battery last if u dont use it that much? does the battery sometimes heat up abit when it`s charging?

  • Anonymous

worst phone i ever bought. Hang when power up, song downloaded will be lost, screen flicker the 1st week i got it, replaced another set within 7 days, same problem occur, sold it away after 3 months. However, player is good with great sound effect and thats all.

  • Anonymous

SS, 25 Oct 2009Can someone please tell me how to change the shortcut on the rig... moreYou can not do that. They are fix keys.

  • SS

Can someone please tell me how to change the shortcut on the right metallic button, the one which launches the Gallery when pressed?
I've looked all over the setting but didn't find any way to change it...

  • Anonymous

hi,i dlike to ask why there is no name in my incoming calls.sometimes only.(ofcourse im talking about incoming calls that there are in my contacts).thanks

  • Anonymous

Hi. Please could someone tell me how to transfer a song, for example, from the phone memory to the memory card? Also, if I download a song/image via internet on my phone, how do I download it straight to the memory card? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

how do you check the battery %? as in the amount of battery that is remaining.

  • Anonymous

I have a question! What would you say the negatives for the inno8 is? for the users who have had it for long time. like does it break easily or wat

  • Samsung lover!

OMG! this ohone has the best stereo loudspeakers ever! Sound quality in 9.8/10 loudness 9.8, and for example n96, or n95 would have like maximum 7. this is the bes s60 3.2 ever!

  • Anonymous

Where can i download installserver patch.rmp for I8510XXIB2 FW. The patch for I8510DJHI1 don t work with this fw

  • Pharmg896

Anonymous, 22 Oct 2009The battery lasts me 7 days in standby. One big very importan... moreVery nice site!