Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

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  • bizo

how can i test my second camera?
help my please

  • Cris

To all users of innov8, i encourage you to upgrade to XXBI2's discussed in under the will greatly enhance the overall speed and battery performance of your phone...I'm using the phone for 2 years, and I honestly had some problem with the flex,and USB port but managed to get it repaired and bought extra battery to make it last longer...For those who are unaware of the OS: it's symbian s60v3 same with n86 and n96 OS. It can be hacked, installed with n-gage, any jar, sis, sisx and ngage. Most of recent samsung phones use the same DSP Audio chip as iPods so i presume this is the reason for its excellent audio quality in the test. Some users complain of the blurry pictures; its because the noise algorithm is suppressing the noise and because of that, somehow the shutter speed is slowed down, if you want sharper and yet grainy, you can choose the flash combined with Auto @ ISO 800-1600. Touchscreen is the only thing that they can boast from this device so keep on lovin' your innov8....

  • Anonymous

aria, 20 Feb 2011this phone truly make me dissapointed. it is true that the came... moreinnov8 photos are much more vivid and natural especially in very bright conditions wherein carl zeiss lenses get the purple just have to explore the settings, try & test it cause you ain't got a PID controller to calibrate your camera settings everytime you use it........"it's there, you just have to look closer"..

  • AnonD-2822

i cant get my i8510's c: memory reduced . Help me. my phone does not work properly and it says the c:is currently full. so please help

  • Anonymous

Like header seas INNOV8

  • Anonymous

I have just purchased this phone second-hand and it's great! After altering the contrast vs. using the wdr the pictures do appear to be better. The calls are super clear on both speaker and by use of the handset. It's a great phone and successor to the N95 8gb I've had for 5 years.

  • Anonymous

aria, 20 Feb 2011this phone truly make me dissapointed. it is true that the came... moreIt's stated in the review that the colors are brought to be less true to reality in order to attempt to achieve an overall more pleasing photo

  • aria

this phone truly make me dissapointed.
it is true that the camera has 8MP, and thats good of course.. but..after you use it to shoot you will found that the quality of the picture is BAD, the color of the picture looks different than the real color.
if u dont trust me..just check it, compare it with the true winner of 8MP cameraphone..the Nokia N86
gsmarena isnt independent when reviewing about camera..

  • RED

I am reading comments so far, but i still didnt decide... Omnia II or Innov8? Thx a lot...

  • Joseph

Hi! I'm back, It's me again joseph, hey my sumsung hanset died 3 weeks ago, it hangs and stuck on samsung innov8 logo everytime i restart the phone, 'cause i've tried flashing it with various of firmwares which i've downloaded from the internet. You know do it your self thing to save some money, i might do it my self than sending it to sumsung service center for firmware updates that will surely cost me a lot of money and it's way too expensive since they don't offer latest firmware which fixes the battery and lipsync issues. my problem was my innov8 modem download option was corrupted, 'cause during flashing process my usb datacable glitched and the flashing process was interrupted, from there my sumsung innov8 starts hanging and stuck on samsung innov8 logo over-and-over again,i tried reflashing it again but i still have the same thing. i went to a mobile repair shop "not samsung's service center" good thing though they know how to fix my handset for cheaper service charge, they used RIFF-BOX G-TAG to fix it for P1,200.00, my samsung innov8 was Resurrected!.. Now it's alive and working again, then i've flashed it again unofficial way using apollo and firmwares that i've downloaded. Now it works great! camera save its settings, lipsync fixed, battery last much longer than before i updated my firmware, now my phone stands for 5hours on heavy usage with video recording, lots of picture taking, sms sending, few calls though but i'm always on 3G internet browsing and lots of file downloading too.. I'm using "bengali" firmware right now which gives me 54mb of RAM space, if you want more ram space you can use the XXIB2 firmware which gives you 57mb of ram.. I also reinforced my ribbon flex,now it's much more durable, no spec of dust under my screen 'cause i've covered those tiny holes under its casing, enhanced the sliding mechanism of my phone and tweaked the loudspeaker settings, it has more bass now and excellent sound quality & clarity.. I have 52 full movies in my phone and enjoying it's dvd movie quality..=)

  • Mine

Great phone!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2010So far so good using innov8. Samsung always have nice handsets a... moreyou will regret...4 sure!!

  • jamal

this 4ne z great and i have been loyal to ma brand but samsung must improve the battery coz i believe that the only thing that's lacking otherwise everything z there to keep up my esteem needs& confidence

  • Wic.girl

I've had this phone for 2 years and it continues to impress both me and my friends and out performs most phones currently on the market. I would recommend it to anyone requiring a phone to take good quality pics and store music and videos. I took it to the mobile repair shop and they have the technology to upgrade the software, which i did late last year. If you are vigilant, make sure you delete things you dont want etc the memory is fantastic. I have never had an issue and love the GPS (i dont get lost anymore) and the internet connection is great. I've paid many bills over the internet and find it a terrific powerhouse of a phone :)

  • kid

Thi is one great phone it is more like the revolution or re-awaking of the distinct it is the best so far........

  • Anonymous

i agree with u geeks that is indeed the narliest phone like ever.......

  • khan

i'm using i8510 since 1 year..its a great phone and it haves all features that i want,great camera,smart design, with good sound quality..but unfortunatly samsung not working on it any more.there is no any updates availabble..but i still love this phone.

  • Anonymous

Konstantinos K., 12 Jan 2011Two days ago my phone just "dies" sort of. When I powe... moreThe problem is flat cable between slides.I have the same problem.4$ from ebay

  • Revive

Konstantinos K., 12 Jan 2011Two days ago my phone just "dies" sort of. When I powe... moreThats happen to my phone last month,the first problem is the battery drop drasticaly,so i buy the brand new original battery from samsung,And it start to had sudden death behaviour,just like you mention before.So i dont know why,i change the battery with the old one,and it back work normally.No death or restart.just normal.So maybe the problem is the battery

  • Konstantinos K.

Two days ago my phone just "dies" sort of. When I power on the phone, it asks me for pin.. I try to enter it but the "ok" buttons, center and top left button doesn't work. I open it and check it out, it's not a hardware problem. So I disable the pin number by another phone but I still have security code in my phone and the upper buttons doesn't seem to work, except the power on/off button. I have the phone for ~2yr now and suddendly "died". Damn, luckily I have most of my pictures/videos in the external microsd card, but I still have some in the memories phone also I have contacts, trying to find a way around..