Samsung i8510 INNOV8

Samsung i8510 INNOV8

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  • sohail

very very bad battrey 3rd class batrey\

  • Joseph

Is there new firmware update of this phone? Anyone?

  • DanTheMan

mykamar, 02 Jul 2011i have to charge the battery everyday....for my previous handse... morewhat do you expect from a good handset? ;D and you don't know the pain of my previous handset (u900) even though it WAS really good. . .

  • abay

i love all innov8 functions, my brother just gave me a few days ago.. though it's years ago product, i think i dare comparing it to the latest handset:)
but i have a little problem... is it took hours to charge it? in my case it need 6 hours for fully charge it... i try to bought a new battery and a new charger still it took 6 hours to charge..

  • Joseph

Anyone know what's the latest firmware update of this phone?
I'm using the I8510XXIJ1 firmware version...
Pls. post the latest version and the location where i can download the firmware..tnx! :)

  • Dre. 4rm

Yah battery life on this powerjunkie is way to does one extend lifespand or do i just buy a new 1?

  • mykamar

hfg, 22 Jun 2011very-very bad bateryi have to charge the battery everyday....for my previous handset i can do it in every 4-5 days...

  • EAZ

How can I make Video call from Samsung i8510 INNOV8?

  • hfg

very-very bad batery

  • The Egyption

dose any on have an opinion about using its camira in taking pictures for moving subjects

  • bizo

the battery is very bad itsnot good for u to talking for a long time

  • simon

hey i want 2 buy this phn.i need 2 know how many hours does the battery go in a limited use.i need longer battery backup 4 talking with it good 4 long talktime.waiting.pls any1 tell me.after someones confirmation i will buy it

  • Milo

This is the best phone ever. Have one since end of 2008 and still love my phone!

  • Anonymous

it is very good phone . I am using it. It is fantastic.

  • manu

Anonymous, 05 May 2011can anyone tell me where can i find to buy one of these, i looke... moreu can buy it second hands only

  • Anonymous

can anyone tell me where can i find to buy one of these, i looked everywhere and everyone tells me that it does not exist????

  • Rayesmata

Can somebody teach me how to use the "business card scanner" feature?? Just cant find its menu in my samsung i8510.. Fyi, i bought it second-handed so still dont know how to maximized its great featurettes..

  • Weilies

My innov8 last for less than 2 years :(
The screen jz never turn on anymore... But lights behind the keypad still working
Now, I can't even know it's turned On/off with the light behind keypad

And it started to rust... Omg!
I brought omnia for my bro in law and his phone got a shorter life than mine

From that time on, I swear I won't buy samsung phone anymore

  • Anonymous

Is dis fone good? can i play HD gamez on it?is battery strong? plz help me...