Samsung I8700 Omnia 7

Samsung I8700 Omnia 7

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  • Ben

U cannot take a back up of the data for this phone even if u try using the Zune still you won't be able to take a back up of the contacts and other data just media files.

  • AnonD-18726

Can anyone tell me the exact price of this phone...? I'm just planning to buy one....How's the performance of this phone?

  • peter

price of the phone

  • DanNY

Pro or Contra?

  • GRV

Samsung did not launched Omnia 7 in India :(

  • AdmrlJaeDaxCinC

Admiral Jae Dax C in, 15 Aug 2011I have had the "Samsung Omnia 7" since November 2010. ... moreAnd here is something else, too! Every interesting, free app, I have attempted to download, has had loading issues. Not one of the, (what I would consider to be,) good or interesting apps have been successfully downloaded. Not too good, really.

  • Admiral Jae Dax C in

I have had the "Samsung Omnia 7" since November 2010. Generally, I have been impressed with its speed, accuracy and user friendliness. However, before anyone considers buying one, be aware that one can only Bluetooth another "Samsung Omnia 7" device! This is quite inconvenient when you are the only one of your peers who owns one! I am now in the process of replacing the phone with a "Samsung Galaxy S II", as I have personal experience with this model and am very impressed with its apps, its user friendliness and its quick responses! Androids apps are over 80% free compared to "Windows apps". Overall, a much better mobile phone!

  • AnonD-17812

Yoshi, 13 Aug 2011Hi can anyone tell me if the Omnia 7 has been discontinued as I ... moreI'm not sure but I have my brand new one for sale.

  • docsumo

Yoshi, 13 Aug 2011Hi can anyone tell me if the Omnia 7 has been discontinued as I ... morethe three store has it as a refurb

  • Yoshi

Hi can anyone tell me if the Omnia 7 has been discontinued as I can't find it in any uk retailer any links to buying it from the major networks are old pages why would they can this? It was the best wp7 phone and had super amoled display!

  • Anonymous

This phone seems to have vanisshed from all major retailers in the UK ????

  • AnonD-17235

Hi everyone I am thinking of getting the Omnia 7

Does Samsung Omnia 7 support aacPlus (.M4A)?

Can some try that music file and tell me how the quality sound via speaker & headphones please.

  • Arvydas

Haitham, 08 Aug 2011Be careful when you buy this phone. it gets over heated and this... moreWell, my Omnia 7 never had any problems.

  • Haitham

Be careful when you buy this phone. it gets over heated and this is really bad
i have to service mine after 1 month of getting it
i like the phone " great OS and great screen" but Samsung has to look after the heat problem in this phone

  • Garth

Phone has been very good, although battery strength is questionable.

Can anyone assist us, we would like to use skype on the phone.

Every time we attempt to down load skype, we are unable to complete the down load.

  • hentaisama

Please tell me: Is there available any n900 version with hsdpa working at 850 mhz (3g)? Im at least to buy one.

  • Anonymous

why all window phone 7 phones are cheaper than android phone???

  • Phone Xpert

The phone is good but OS sucks! All Win mobile 7 have no STK witch makes a huge draw back !

  • AnonD-15095

AnonD-2686, 25 Jul 2011Check your internet settings. If you're using WiFi it wouldn't g... moreI am having the same problem, and i have put the wifi on and then it wouldn't load the market place at all?

  • a samsung omnia user

its a good phone! i have it i love it! so what if the bluetooth doesnt work thats what zune is for! if you think its boring or it doesnt suit you then get another phone :L!