Samsung I8700 Omnia 7

Samsung I8700 Omnia 7

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  • johnny

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2014Please i need to know does this phone supports whatsap.yes and it work great !

  • Anonymous

Please i need to know does this phone supports whatsap.

  • ayaz

wawaayaz, 27 Dec 2013It exe fail does nt support while downloading apps and Which kind of fails sapport it?

  • wawaayaz

It exe fail does nt support while downloading apps and

  • opec06

My phone will not boot pass d samsung omnia7 logo.......please how will i do a hard reset on it?

  • jerry

I am finding it difficult to access the phone keyboard when using *147# to convert data or cellphone banking * numbers. I tried to download emdial apps but it the results is "your phone does not support this feature please udate your software. Why was omnia7 excluded from this vital operation when people buy the best phones to do their cell banking anywhere anytime? maybe give us the app on the marketplace that would support cellphone banking.

  • ?

when was this released

  • AnonD-168137


  • AnonD-168137

Its such a great phone, the camera is superb, the storage is hhmmmm may be the issue of syncronisation where you have to first install Zune software is a heck to and again failure to share staff via bluetoot

  • marlonoleole

I have been using this phone since it first was released, the reception is great, and the device is nice and compact, some of the problems that i had where that the paint chips of easily and that the antenna change cover is not as well fastened as it ripped of once. The cover is nice and robust though and is able to withstand quite alot, the size of the screen is also very nice. In my opinion it is one of the best phones i have ever had.

  • BB

Can this phone be updated to WP8 yet at the moment?

  • chimprockape

Its a good phone but its very easy to get bored ofas wp7's features aren't really that customizable.
The camera is good but I have personaly noticed that the shortcut camera button does'nt work after a couple of months.
The screen and back pannel do scratch really easily plus the paint chips of and makes the phone look overall unattractive.

  • swanky

why is the bluetooth not on file sharing is making me begin to hate the phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 May 2013I have had my phone for ages It won't send my pictures to ... moreCan it have Whatsapp. Everything else is good.except for Whatsapp

  • Meh

Had this phone for the last 2 years - works ok but has some very annoying 'features' like the soft-touch browse button built directly into the handset which open a Bing search page (and cannot be changed...)

It's extremely easy to brush this and close whatever you are doing to open up this useless search screen - the same goes for the back button.

Also the complete lack of decent apps on the marketplace even after 2 years is a huge concern - going to get an Android asap and avoid windows until they are well and truely caught up.

  • Anonymous

Been using this phone from August 2011

-Upgraded to 7.8
-Durable, dropped more than 10 times, not even a scratch
-Pretty fast, no lag in most apps
-Good screen

-Low light video
-Fewer apps (windows phone issue)
-Bluetooth connectivity (windows phone issue?)

  • Pete

Served me extremely well since launch in 2010, updated to 7.8 and unlocked thanks to XDA forums - it's a joy to use.
The only gripe I have is with Samsung and not the phone. They give nowhere near as much support, especially with apps, than Nokia do.
Planning to upgrade this summer to a Lumia 925 but I'll miss my Omnia 7. Great size too. If you're thinking of buying an Omnia 7 you won't be disappointed for the price.

  • ivania

how can i conect to my pc?

  • Anonymous

I have had my phone for ages It won't send my pictures to Facebook nor will it upload to my computer, this is really frustrating as I chose it because of it's camera and replaced an older Samsung with a better camera. Fact is I got seduced by the whole Windows thing.

  • rizkah

DN rOx, 06 Apr 2013Is their any problem in the phone after windows 7.8 makes an alarm like sound and the same time overheating loosing charge very first