Samsung I8700 Omnia 7

Samsung I8700 Omnia 7

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  • irsan

You have to use to upload anything,exp music, videos n bluetooth..

  • AnonD-78892

how much ram has the phone?

  • blazekick

how much ram has the phone?

  • Tommek

m.p.raju, 19 Dec 2012how to download songs and videos You have to use zune software to upload music to the phone.

  • AnonD-93084

Install Zune software in your PC from Microsoft it will sync videos, pictures and music in phone get other data through skydrive. it works like iphone as you have to use iTunes to get things in... :)

  • thachu pallikara

i cant download anything............... how to sent programs in bluetooth......? pls reply

  • m.p.raju

how to download songs and videos

  • raji

How to download songs and videos

  • Akhil

I owned a Samsung Omnia 7 and as per my personal experience it is the best mobile. But i've some doubts about it. When i tried to take a video through the camera i was not able to zoom in or out while recording. but in standby mode i can do that. Is there any option to zoom while a video recording? please anyone help...n i really need to know.

  • nut

have it, love it

  • asher

asad, 07 Dec 2012hello brothers plz tell me that i can use skype on omina 7 (i8700) yes you can use skype on omnia 7 samsung,just go to apps then tools and productivity and you can see skype there,download it and enjoy

  • asad

hello brothers plz tell me that i can use skype on omina 7 (i8700)

  • varun

Use THe "Zune" Software on Computers
for Samsung Omnia 7

  • jbk

sam, 08 Dec 2011Hi!I can not read Urdu and Arabic in the internet explorer of my... moreMe am buying it tomorrow n they already updated the software to mango but the way I see it is the best fone compared to androids phone although I deadly hate androids

  • Mort

The specs listed above claims that Omnia 7 has a compass. That's not true, it only has GPS which can make out your direction if you move in a direction for a while.

  • chris

i can't collect songs for orders phone why?
also my computer why?


orbital, 28 Oct 2012why cant i connect my bluetooth to any device ie hand free kit ?I can not connect my bluetooth of sumsang omnia 7with other devices, reply m to my e-mail of, also how can i get sotfware connection of my phone to any PC?.

  • vimal2710

when making a call on omnia 7 both side can`t hear anything there is no pesponse @ all can i get a solution

  • orbital

why cant i connect my bluetooth to any device ie hand free kit ?

  • frank1976

somebody can let me know,why my omnia 7 can't go market via wifi?