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Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • Anonymous

Omnia user, 30 Jun 2009i feel funny that u mentioned so many problems with ur Omnia! is... moreNo it was a brand new phone, and has never been modified as there is so much wrong with it and nedd to keep sending it in for warranty work. The battery only lasts 1 day if i am lucky, and i now have to call everyone back whenever I get to a land line as the speaker is playing up. The cell store I bought it from said that almost all there clients that have bought one hate it and have endless problems with it. I have even lent it to an Omnia fan, and even he agreed with me after one day. I must have a dud phone, serves me right for changing from nokia

  • kroomo

Niraj, 28 Jul 2009i sent some installation files to my samsung omnia,and installe... moreIt has 3 storage area i.e Main memory (My Device) My Storage, Storage Card. Go to file explorer thru programs at the main menu. At any of the storage location go to my documents. If failed then go to start and click programs and click search, follow the instruction shown.

  • Anonymous

A very useful site for Omnia users

and also
lots of people willing to help especially with Windows Mobile users and Pocket PC.

  • mahesh

adzerrific, 29 Jul 2009it's me again! anyone knows where to download a cracked SPB Mobi... moredownload the trial version from the spb web site and fine the keygen in

  • M@hathir

HaZi388, 28 Jul 2009I have a problem, when i went online tru wi-fi, & i need 2 check... morei have tried to login to my facebook acc and i dont have any problem..try agaim fact omnia wifi for me is the best..i tried n95's wifi before but i900's speed is superb plus the landscape surfing...whew..i just fall in love with i900 again.haha

  • adzerrific

it's me again! anyone knows where to download a cracked SPB Mobile Shell 3? or even keygen may do. tnx.

  • adzerrific

anyone from Manila(Philippines)? i'm having trouble with Samsung Service Centers here. it's about the latest rom update for omnia. how come, they don't have the latest version(DXIA5)?

  • Amin

the applications u have installed have their icons for sure.go to the program section and u will find their icon and can run it from there.jus touch the icon with ur finger!

  • ember

HaZi388, 28 Jul 2009but we can only use the given ringtones for the text msgs rite?i... morewe could use mp3s or any other sound as ringtones and alert tones

if you just bothered to read the previous posts, you will find answers and solutions


  • HaZi388

mohammed, 23 Jul 2009sure you can change sms ring tones: main menu - setting - sound... morebut we can only use the given ringtones for the text msgs rite?i mean we can't use any songs @sounds we download into d phone rite?only ringtones when people call us rite?

  • HaZi388

I have a problem, when i went online tru wi-fi, & i need 2 check my mail, so when i log in i can't key in my password dat are in alphabet form.the phone only allow numeric passwords.i can't log on 2 my mail, facebook or anything.Can anyone help me?is there a way 2 change the setting so the password can type in both alphabets & numerics?

  • Niraj

i sent some installation files to my samsung omnia,and
installed it.but i still haven't been able to find the path to the installed application. can anybody tell me the path in detail? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • the Man

marcos, 26 Jul 2009Can omnia be upgraded to windows 6.5 or higher?i have the same question
Can i900 be upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5?

  • ann

This Omnia has a message forwarding. I don't know if all of the users knows that and how to.

My friends have iphone, they said there's no message forwarding, or they just don't know how. =P

Smartphones are for smart people. lol

  • M@hathir

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2009no i mean all incoming call, outgoing call,all call,not duration... morefor call duration u can go to main menu-choose call log-chose(incoming/outgoing)-there will be name of contacts..and just above the name there will be call duration..gud luck in finding it

  • Jin Madera

any new tricks about omnia.

  • Anonymous

Not a phone for technophobes.

This phone is so good, but this is after learning about it on the Internet. Using this phone has a steep learning curve. It is like using a laptop. This phone at first was so hard to use that someone gave up on it and gave it to me. I could understand why they did this after using it myself. The Omnia can do so many things. I will admit that the software could have been more user friendly, but I don't think that this phone was aimed at the average Joe, it was aimed at tech savvy people and not "newbies". You can install many programs as it runs on Windows Mobile 6.1. Also, to make things easier, I recommend that you install the SPB Mobile shell. Then, on Google, you can search for the many programs that you want and can be installed on the Omnia.

Overall it is a great phone, to me at least. I don't recommend it to technophobes.

  • ember

it seems that most of us just post and ask questions without reading all the previous posts here.

try to read the previous posts and i'm sure you will find answers to your queries.


  • marcos

Can omnia be upgraded to windows 6.5 or higher?

  • M@hathir

try to read all the comments before.i personally learn few trick here..including how to set a song(mp3) to become ringtone for the sms.i love it more now then the 1st day as the 1st day im confuse to even bluetooth file to other phone...haha..