Samsung i900 Omnia

Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • dentaris

A quick question gyus.

If you divert your calls of a landline to Omnia,does it show on the screen which calls are diverted from the landline or not??

I know this may sound trivia,but it is actually important for me.

Thak yoy in advance for your help!!

  • Anonymous

what a piece of rubbish!

i've had this phone for 6 months and it has given me endless problems!

took it to vodacare who kept it for a week...only to give me the same problems AGAIN 4 days after receiving it!


hmmmm yeah its alright

  • Avi

I am using the 16GB model for the last three months! This phone is amazing! It's the ultimate phone. Iphone, Blackberry or any other phone doesn't even come close to this phone. The 5MP camera is superb. You can use loads of applications free from internet. The smart phone capability is superb. You can forget your laptop after using it. Music is great. Your laptop's bluetooth headset will pair with it, you will forget your ipod(if you have one).

  • mohammed

sure you can change sms ring tones:
main menu - setting - sound and notifications - notifications - event (choose messaging :new text message)

  • Me

Could anyone please let me know if this handset has the autoreject feature, where you can bar particular numbers from calling, and if it does, where can I find it.

  • Mahathir

bought my omnia few days ago.1st day..Hmm..1st day..not really in to it yet..2nd day when i already knew preety much of the function..i fall in love with 1st phone other then nokia after long q of nokia phone..last phone is n95..for those who keep on asking whether the camera is better then n95..definitely its have smile and face detection and the response to capture the photo is quite fast..the function is way smarter then what nokia can provide recently,even the e-series..if u know how to run the phone u wont complaint here..its just...perfect.

  • Jay

When pple send me mms, its always very difficult to open and view the pic. when i double click on it, the words always appears bigger but nvr able to open the pic. its only on rare occasion when i happen to press the right area tat the pic appears. So what is the proper way to open the pic?

  • JaOmnia

I need help. Touchscreen function unresponsive. Any suggestion out there on how to correct this problem?

  • Amin

hey Leo,
what more do u manna know dude?think i made it clear.see the fone was alrite till the last weeks but recently after sending 5-6 sms msgs it gets so deadly slow.i used to love it but its letting me down.u know one thing u cant put up with a fone being going to trade mine with an htc touch diamond2.maybe a software repair or upgrade fixes it but im too disappointed with it to go thru all that.i gotta confess that the build quality is nothing less that PERFECT though.wish it had not happened to me.sounds like ppl cant be of useful help here since i got no guidance or anything here.
good luck buddy

  • Leo

Amin, 21 Jul 2009To Anna Maria: ive been using this fone for abt 6 months now.e... moreHi Amin, if you give me more information about this device and traslate your experience, will be important in my decision.

Thaks a lot

  • Anonymous

Jin Madera, 01 Jul 2009Den u can only move messages when you are not in theaded mode... moreHi....
Pls let me know the path to change & add a new theme to my Omnia i900...
I tried so much of time bt it's not work..

Pls help...

  • Paul Mai

JMM, 22 Jul 2009How will I know if this phone is clone or original? Pls help me.Problem adjusting to the touchscreen? Installing a screen protector helps. It de-sensitizes the overly-sensitive screen.

Oh, and iphone's crap compared to this baby

  • JMM

How will I know if this phone is clone or original? Pls help me.

  • ann

so far, after 5 months of using my omnia i don't have any bad experience with it. i love being its smart phone, the internet is so fast as if i'm using my dsl for laptop. this phone is very good, i do my files wherever as if this is my mini-laptop. i can watch movies. and now i am enjoying my spb mobile shelL!! the only flaw.. its alert sound is not that loud unlike my other nokia phone even it's in its max vol. but over all-- 4.8 stars!!!!

  • Alma

hi i'd like to know if i can increase its font size. the letters are too small for me

  • Alma

hi i'd like to know if i can increase its font size. the letters are too small for me

  • Amin

To Anna Maria:
ive been using this fone for abt 6 months now.everything was ok with it until recently it gets slow when texting.and by slow i mean REAL slow,jus sucks ur nerves!i am going to sell it for an HTC diamond II
the screen quality is not good either.i dont know maybe some ROM upgrades help but for now its not what i expected.and ppl PLZ when u say something abt a fone be honest.others count on ur comments.

  • Anonymous

Michael Jordan, 20 Jul 2009Hi can someone help me, I cant install SPB Shell 3.0 sees error ... morethe ring tones on my omnia is very low what must i do

  • Lucy

Hey,is this phone upgradeable to windows mobile 6.5???
how can i upgrade my phone to windows mobile 6.5?