Samsung i900 Omnia

Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • DeViL13

Saeed, 28 Dec 20081-Its purely a multi tasker, the cpu wouldnt let u down 2-16GB ... moreThanks So much for sharing :)

  • Saeed

DeViL13, 28 Dec 2008No please tell us the bright side of this device...1-Its purely a multi tasker, the cpu wouldnt let u down
2-16GB of space is great for storing movies
3-Divx player is embedded
4- Sound quality is really good, both on the speaker and on the earpiece

  • DeViL13

Saeed, 27 Dec 2008This is stupid WinMo device. Samsung should stick to their clams... moreNo please tell us the bright side of this device...

  • kyle

I got it as a present for my dad the other day.. completely perfect for him as he is a Windows Mobile fan from ever since (I have Nokia n82)..i played around with it too and heres what i found:
#1- The optical trackpad is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME.. its like a mousepad on laptop..very innovative and practical
- Huge Screen..i believe 3.2"
- Much much much more quick than other Windows Mobile devices ive used
- Great battery life
- Sleek and Elegant Deisng

- 5mp camera not up to par (like my N82)
- Somewhat slippery in hand
- Too attractive & people like asking bout it lool

I would advise anyone buying a Windows mobile to buy it.. better than HTC diamond, Tytn II, and even the new weird shaped I'mate's
I would say the only option is Xperia which i havent tried till now
My Rating: 9.5/10!!

  • Saeed

This is stupid WinMo device. Samsung should stick to their clamshell designs and leave the WinMo devices to companies with more experience.
1- the camera is aweful, the flash is useless and the pic is terrible, its just a 5 MP camera with no quality whatsoever.
2- the optical scroll key is something which will make u furious,very difficult to navigate .u cant scroll through web pages easily. try scrolling through your contacts. You will want to bang your head to the wall
3- there is an Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate.
engineers at samsung think WinMo users are a bunch of kids who need toys.why does it have 7 diff ways of rotating the screen? whats the use?
4- The 256K color screen (65K effective) is not as sharp as the ones u see on the HTC's, plus the screen size is not standard. Its almost impossible to see whats on the screen in sunlight
5- why the hell the stylus has to be attached to the lanyard. u cant keep your phone in any pouch because the the stylus will be dangling or if u put it in your jeans pocket either u will break the stylus or scratch the phone.Whats smart in that design?
6- because of its design its a very slippery phone.

these were the problems i have faced with this device. Its also got some positive points, but the negative points are so bright that u would never want to look at the bright side.

  • _ja_

How much cost this phone

  • sukrsa

Dear Omnia users,
I have few questions about it. Please help me with answer.
1) It was suffering for battery problem with it’s beginning ROM. I read in review that it has been shorted out with latest version of ROM. Is it correct?
2) I read in many review that it is with an uncommon resolution of 240 x 400 pixels. That will be the reason of incomparability with other program. What is your opinion about it?
3) What about the speaker quality. Is it stereophonic or mono? Is it loud enough to listen songs / movie etc?
4) Samsung generally uses “Digital Natural Sound Engine” (DNSe verson 2 or 3) for their MP3 / MP 4 player. Is it available with Omina?
5) I read in review about poor legibility at sunlight. Is it so poor that it is very difficult to use at outdoor?
6) There is support for DivX and XDiv file out of the box. Is it also capable for running RMVB files (Real movie)?
Please Omnia users help me answering those questions. I want to purchase Omnia, but I am felling problem with those matter.

  • raj

yeah im currently ustilising this pda, it's touch screen is inaccurate. its really annoying, also sending music files is possible but it still sucks because you cannot save it to the mass memory. otherwise great

  • uncle

Rainie, 25 Dec 2008Anyone can teach me how? i am Using Maxis Mobile and why my Omni... morejust go to maxis centre & your problem will solve

  • Colin

Anonymous, 25 Dec 2008No it does not . At least mine does not . I had to instal voice ... moreHi Gord, thank you for response (voice recognition types to WORD doc). It strange, I mean the Omnia has an MS operating system and Voice Command (MS VC 1.2) that does work for starting programmes etc, why not adapt this feature to type a person dictating? The iPhone has it but Omnia is cheaper option for me to purchase. Thx help. Colin

  • Anonymous

does this phone support 3g? i m using maxis n i live in asian

  • ella

i've just tried transferring my music files via bluetooth from my pc to my omnia phone but when i opened the downloaded files it showed 'unsupported file type'. my files were all in mp3 sound format. what could be the problem? thanks!

  • Chris

got anyone use it to see RMVB files?
real media files... heard got lagging even if can play on some smartphones ?

  • Ron

tret, 25 Dec 2008u should buy iphne 3g...instead of this.ok?YOU Tret!!! if you manage to know dare yourself to answer: if do NOT know justremain quiet.....Why should somebody have a VALID reason apart from being a fashionist to go after iphone 3g instead of this ??????

  • tret

Bobby, 25 Dec 2008I will buy this phone but I m not it or no?...please... moreu should buy iphne 3g...instead of this.ok?

  • Anonymous

steve, 22 Dec 2008Does anyone know if this has gps??yes very much so . Just look for Samsung Omnia on YouTube . It has also enhainced GPS > Gord

  • Anonymous

Colin, 23 Dec 2008Hi, I heard that Omnia has voice recognition feature that types ... moreNo it does not . At least mine does not . I had to instal voice commant . But it is a very nice unit . Gord

  • Anonymous

help!, 23 Dec 2008where can i get the latest official firmware for omnia and what ... more­.jsp
follow the link choose area like Singapore than the computers OS . if unit unlocked . Gord

  • Anonymous

help!, 23 Dec 2008where can i get the latest official firmware for omnia and what ... morelook at the following link­.jsp
it is Samsung manufacturing in Singapore direct wwhich is very a good update sorce for the unlocked Omnia . You choose the area like Singapore , than your computers OS and off you go . Hope this helps Gord

  • Gerard

I donīt understand why my Omnia all the time connects automatically to gprs. Itīs supposed to kill battery life, isnīt? And why it happens? I donīt have any Outlook account configured, but from time to time, I see how this thing connect itself to the gprs. Anybody knows something about this? Thanks