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  • Adonis

Reply to Eddi, you have to go to task manager and end all tasks.

  • eddy

when i try to use the camera, it says its short of video memory and i should try closing some applications. i closed alot but it still says that error message. anyone know how to fix that error? thanks.

  • Nasir shah

Its really nice fone. Way better than any other good fone! I am lovin it

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2008Just heard that around 50% of the Omnia currenlty available in t... moreWhere can I get this release? Im gonna send my omnia back becasue Its slow, unresponsive, gps doesn't work, google maps doesn't work....
If this release fixes these problems then I may consider keeping it, other wise its byebye!

  • Anonymous

Just heard that around 50% of the Omnia currenlty available in the market are presenting problems w/ the touchscreen. It delays a lot to react to the touch and activate the functions selected by touch. Based on this, can any1 that has it on hands already tell my if u have faced this issue? Does the firmware recently released by Samsung resolves this problem?


  • Mobile Guru

Paul CU, 02 Sep 2008It comes with 3.5mm adapter leadIt comes with an adapter with 3.5 jack. In fact the headphones that come with the Omnia are the best quality I've seen with a phone.

  • Anonymous

sly, 02 Sep 2008does it have a 3.5mm jack for standard earpiece??? or anyother ports?No, look at the pictures. If you want to listen to music you have to use blutooth; draining the battery of power.

  • Alan Tan

Hi, guys,

Did anybody upgrade latest firmware from sumsung website?
I read a note from
which has the below warning...

Please do NOT upgrade your Samsung Omnia to the latest firmware as we have received multiple reports of dead phones after performing a firmware upgrade. If the firmware is not a Singapore version it may also void your WARRANTY.

how? i actually planned to install it as i need to read and type chinese sms and email.


  • epoch

crazylegsmurphy, 03 Sep 2008Hello All, I was thiiiissss close to picking up an iPhone tod... moreyep works everywhere in the world...and abt msn it definitely supports that...other than that its a great phone so u wont be dissapointed

  • crazylegsmurphy

Hello All,

I was thiiiissss close to picking up an iPhone today because I didn't think there was anything else out there...but something made me hold off.

I have just spent the last 4 hours reading every review and watching every video I could on this phone and I have to say, if my last two questions can be answered, I will be getting this phone without a doubt.

Here is my first and foremost question/concern.

I live in Canada, but I will be going traveling for a year. None of the providers here in Canada seem to carry this phone, so will I be able to use it both at home, and around the world as I travel?

I was looking online here (­_omnia_prd351.html) (I hope it's ok to post this), and it says:

"Quad Band: Yes
GSM: Yes, 850/900/1800/1900
Compatible with: AT&T-Cingular, T-Mobile, Fido, Rogers and other GSM Carriers Worldwide:

Now, I admit I know very little about this, but will I be able to take advantage of a fast 3G network at home, as well as full functionality around the world with this phone?

Secondly, is this a good price for a phone in Canada?

And finally, does this phone run MSN messenger?

Thanks for your time. If any of you have any other information that I may have overlooked I would greatly appreciate any info you might have.



  • John

Does anyone know where to log in to upgrade the Omnia ROM? How do you choose the different layer of the Menu on Omnia?

  • player23

can anyone tell me how to delete downloaded themes...thx

  • Anonymous

How do I set vibration or ringing mode as alerts for messages, phone calls and etc.

  • SIN

Can any1 knows whats the policy of uprgading from an older version of WM(6.1) to a newer one (WM7)
i mean, can i upgrade this phone to WM7 when WM7 is released?
extra money? or free? or if its even possible to do such thing.


  • lav

is omnia prone to virus.. any recommended anti virus..

  • Anonymous

james, 03 Sep 2008I do not understand why did they not provide for the stylus with... morethe stylus should be provided in the package... it is not attached to the phone...its externally....

does ur firmware has the samsung keyboard? it is similar to the iphone keyboard where the letters are alot bigger and easier to input

  • Gwapito

Too all Omnia Users:

Have you tried running 320x240 Apps and Games in Omnia? Did they all worked?


  • james

I do not understand why did they not provide for the stylus with the phone other wise there are so small letters sometimes that it is difficult to use always by your finger
please some one answer me and satisfy the point

  • Anonymous

James Alexander, 03 Sep 2008How is the web browsing on the phone, video playback, and is it ... moreyes it is available in US..i got it online,i have a t-mobile network and it just workin' great except i can't use my 3G network..but the edge is fine..

  • Anonymous

has anyone really looked at the battery's mah?
if u look at the inside of the phone (not on the battery) u r able to see the battery's mah...
most of the site says 1440mah but my i900 says 1000mah only....

im wondering who has the same problem...

thanks in advance