Samsung i900 Omnia

Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • Akhter

Samsung Omnia i900 The Best Phone

  • Akhter

ted, 06 Aug 2008Someone tell me how to align screen? I tried so many ways. It di... morehi how are
You can go Setting setting option you click system you see Motion Sensor open and click Automatic and ok

  • ted

Someone tell me how to align screen? I tried so many ways. It did not work. Please someome reply me. I do appriciate. Plz

  • ted

Can someone tell me how to align screen? plz let me know. I tried so many way but it did not work.



  • Anonymous

Having more features does not necessarily mean that it's better than the iPhone. It still boils down to quality and performance. I have the iPhone 3g, but before that I had the n95 & then the touch diamond, but I can honestly say that the iPhone is the best where it really matters. The iPhone is fun to use. It does what you want effortlessly and easily. It does not get stuck & does not slow down. The screen is scratchproof glass. The display quality is unmatched. It has the best browser. The iPhone's ui is the envy of other phonemakers. It is unparalleled, so since they can't beat the iPhone' ui, they pack their phones with over the top features with mediocre results, which leaves the buyers frustrated and disappointed.

  • Anonymous

why didnt gsm include a tricks page for the omnia like they did with the htc diamond, i mean they couldve put a page up there dedicating to trying to make the omnia a better experience, does anyone know where there's a site for the omnia like the xda developers site for the diamond?

  • Daniel

I was referred by Bloginity . com to a website that sold i900 I ended up buying it, amazing phone. 16GB only

  • iGsm

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970go straight ahead for has a better interface,battery life and design than nokia n95 8gb

  • jeetu

omnia is far better than the iphone..........i have used iphone for 8 months....iam nt sying tat iphone is a bad phone iam just saying omnia is 1000 times better than the iphone........iphone even cant transfer stuff via bluetooth, no video recording, no flashm has software problems etc....omnia has all the feartures i good fone shld have.......OMNIA RULES.....THE REAL IPHONE BEATER

  • ljay

im in the USA cali..i just got the phoe yesterday and it so gps is working,edge(t-mobile),everything is working fine,my only problem is that,i dont know where to download some applications..ey guys can you send me where to get cool application for this fone?im using n95 before omnia and i love it both.

  • Rustylug

Will the poor screen resolaution afect the video or the picts i take because i have videos i do on youtube made with my Nokia n95 ...And also what is so good about noika carl zeiss lens. I want a touch screen phone with a good cam and video also must have bluetooth for my hands free kit.

  • Jason

Jason, 05 Aug 2008Maybe this is something for you: http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.... more(and if you search, you don't have to pay)

  • Jason

Passerby, 05 Aug 2008Is There Any Free Software Out There That WOuld Totally Customis... moreMaybe this is something for you:­hell/?en

  • Passerby

Is There Any Free Software Out There That WOuld Totally Customise The Graphical Aspect Of The Phone, I Mean, Once You Get Pass The Widgets, Its Purely A Window's Mobile Phone And The HTC Manages To Get Around This So Why Cant A Biger Comapny Like Samsung Do This? Especially With That Screen, Ive Heard That A Lot Of Applications Wont Work Due To The Weird Screen Resolution, Doesn Anyone Know If There Is ANy Software Out There That Can Customise The Layout? Thankyou

  • mq

its not working i need arabic sms any bady help plz

  • totti

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2008I was just recently updated that this phones GPS should work in ... moreyes it work there, stop asking this cuestion!!!!!("##%#$%"#%(=/)(=)(]L#=$("%)(="))

  • mq3

hi gays were can i find arabic softwere for the sms ? thx

  • Anonymous

much better than the iPhone!
nicer looking, better camera... oh and can send and recieve files via bluetooth!

  • Anonymous

I was just recently updated that this phones GPS should work in Canada and U.S. with Google Maps.. Can someone confirm this? anyone??

  • Jason

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Dear ???,

At the moment I have a Nokia and I am a fan of Nokia because they work so easy!
Now I want to combine my phone and my PDA. I have chosen (within two weeks) for the Samsung Omnia i900 because it works on WM, so it is very simple to install thousands of additional prg's.
The second reason is that I don't like the design of the Nokia you're referring to. The Omnia is a much more modern phone, has a bigger screen, bigger memory, is a real PDA phone, etc., etc., etc..
Of course you have to choose yourself, but I have chosen for the Samsung Omnia with good reasons! I honestly thing this is the best phone at the moment (better that its biggest rivals Nokia N95/N96, HTC Touch diamond/pro and as some say the iPhone 3G).