Samsung i900 Omnia

Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • Anonymous

MiXALL, 28 May 2010Maela, Personally i plan to buy i900 Omnia (used), but still... morebe careful of this phone, it had the worst touch screen I have ever used

  • doshi

How can we fnd out manufacturing date of a samsung omnia i900 set .is there any code for that , pls help

  • kayla

personally i think the service that i have with verizon wireless sucks, and their phone (omnia) sucks just as much as the service. they can take this phone and burn them all. just in case your looking to get one, im urging you dont do it.

  • nice

u can sign in for wifi for free.....

  • Anonymous

Ellen, 30 May 2010Well Ive Had The Samsung i900 Omnia For About 2 Years And It Is ... morethanks. it helped a lot. i just bought the phone from ebay. but i haven't received it yet. after reading your comment i guess i have just bought the best phone.

  • Oggysimo

Anonymous, 31 May 2010most people say about wifi and there are people asking how to co... moreSettings -> Connections -> Wi-Fi -> Search for Networks. This will find wifi around you, just press on it, type password if needed and connect. Thats all

  • mt

Guys i used the phone for 2 years it...really i do...but for the past few months its sending the same message twice and costing me lots of money.....there are better phones out there ignore this one and samsung altogether

  • Anonymous

most people say about wifi and there are people asking how to connect but no one answered. share your ideas people dont be greedy

  • JorCoVi

Omnia "THE ROCK" i900

  • Anonymous

pamela, 21 Apr 2010how much is the recent price of i900 omnia now here in philippines 10k to 12k

  • Ellen

Well Ive Had The Samsung i900 Omnia For About 2 Years And It Is the Best Phone Ive Ever Had, I Am 13 And I Drop My phone alot and it hasnt broken yet, it is really a great phone and i would reccomend it, it does have a short battery life but when you spend most of your time in school then it doesent matter bacause all you do is text under tables, It really Is Virtually indestructable i think, its been through so much and still works, i would reccomend it to anybody, it also has a really easy operating system, but only prolem is when you want to block somones number from your phone you must download softwere wich is a pain but well worth it, another downside is the speaker, it isnt the loudest in the world but does crack out some loud music when it wants to, another downside is the vibration, when i have it in my pocket on vibrate i struggle to feel it as it is not verry strong vibration, although you can chenge the Strength of the vibration it still isnt really strong enough to be able to feel through thick jeans or a coat pocket. Other then the Downsides It really is an amazing phone and I would reccomend it To anybody looking to Buy. Hope I Helped People! :)

  • Pieter

I have been using an Omnia I900V with Rom version JBHH1 for the past 18 months. Programmes installed are SPB Mobileshell 3.5.3, Core Mediaplayer, Operamini 5 Beta (Native version) and WMWifiRouter. It has everything I need in a mobile and the batterylife is way better than the HTC Touch HD which I also own.Sunlight legibility is not the best, but then no mobile is perfect. Performance is snappy and there are no major problems except the after receiving voicemail the notification bar at the top does not dissappear even after visiting your voicemailbox. the only way I found to get rid of it is to do a hard reset. Perhaps somebody knows another way to achieve this?

  • houss

i'd buy this phone but when i rechaged battery 100°/ after 24H was empty in stand-by
when i see his specifications in stand-by : 500-450h
so i want know where's a problem?

  • MiXALL

Maela, 22 Apr 2010I think Omnia i900 is the best and technologically advanced devi... moreMaela,

Personally i plan to buy i900 Omnia (used), but still survey for the best price and condition.Currently i,m using nokia (basic phone)

If u don,t mind pls share with me about ur i900 Omnia
pro and cons. previously i,m using O2 Xphone (smartphone), good phone,but joystick problems

Thank you,

Kuala Lumpur

  • Stefan

klizers, 26 May 2010start > settings > system > motion sensor > manual ... moreThanks for the answers but in settings it does not have ''sistem'' enyway went to samsung centre in my country the guy there told me that he doesn hnow how to operate with this particular model, then went to vodafone this time they did not say it but it was obvious that they too did not know to operate it and told me to check the samsung web page. Is it normal to work in authorised samsung service centre or at vodafone and not know to work with a phone model???

  • Anonymous

Hi everyone know how to active all GSM so that I can use T-mobile.

  • phones fan

Stefan, 26 May 2010Hello to all! Is there eny way to deactivate the auto-rotate on ... moreafter you put motion sensor on manual ,you can also go to sitting>personal>buttons and assign rotate screen to be activated by pressing or holding a button.
the official firmware update is not good,you have to learn how to flash your phone with a cooked room,but you must read the steps carefully .

  • klizers

start > settings > system > motion sensor > manual
it will work.

  • Stefan

Hello to all! Is there eny way to deactivate the auto-rotate on this phone? I looked at settings and i could not find enything to help me. Second is there a code that yould make the touchscreen more responsive ( i found a code to increase the music volume but no code for the touch) or i have to go to samsung service to get the latest firmware. In my opinion this omnia is a capable phone but using a stilus is a must in most operations with this phone.

  • Anonymous

dude, 23 May 2010i like this's just that i can't play videos...i like it its realy faciltate to all options its too good Nokia N95