Samsung i900 Omnia

Samsung i900 Omnia

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2008Why u think that ipone is a good phone? It is just stupid ipod w... moreI guess you do not understand the difference between the phones. IPHONE is not a window based PDA. Is improve IPOD which has all capability of Video which is fantastic tool for traveling to carry your music, Movies and so on. They offered what all others could not and they wished of had the technology to make IPHONE. That is why HTC and Samsung trying to make.

On other hand the HTC Diamond and Samsung phone is PDA Phone with new Mobile Window 6.1 tuch screen. What these phone offer is light wait, slim, and tuch screen. IPHONE and PDA totaly two diferent things. I woen both phone and I love both.

By reading the Specification of Samsung i900. I can see all weakness of HTC is gone. HTC Diamond no have flash, not as good camera as Samsung, and capable of expanding to 16GB. it also offer quad band.

I think study more about what meets your needs. Then you buy the phone.

  • Ardalan

What's up with this crappy number of colors?! 65K?! I always disliked ALL the HTC phones (even Touch Diamond) because of this stupid thing of low number of colors, and now Samsung?!! I mean you can't have a sexy high-range touch-screen phone with 262k or 16 million colors?!

  • Anonymous

Why u think that ipone is a good phone? It is just stupid ipod with call, not else. It is even cant copy files via bluetooth, disgusting camera with no autofocus,no aplications, just toy for women. Omnia specs r good,but xperia much better. 1. Se 3.2 mpx better than nokia or samsung 5mpx, every1 know it. 2. Xperia has qwerty keyboard.3. Resolution of dyspley is twice more than samsung and quality also. 4. Finally it is sony ericsson. Samsung never can do good phone, this phone for women, bright, shine, but not useful.

  • Paris

I purchased the Samsung F480 Tocco but i'm returning it tomorrow under 14 day policy!!! I can't wait to get this i900 omnia!!! Perfection finally!!!

  • reviewer

Re: iA0U- There is a motion sensor which is usually called an accelerometer.

  • reviewer

If brands want to start competing with the iPhone, they better stop making replicas of it with a different brand name stuck on the front and try being a little creative. Right now, I'm disappointed because Samsung has some of the most balanced phones. Enough features and enough looks. This isn't one of them. (And why do they steal the iPhone's brick design? It looks so plain and boring.)

  • venomzki

Finally a super complete PPC.......i hope......

1)Good hi-res 5mpix camera with FLASH!
2)big screen,VGA resolution
3)dont know about its touch ui,if its as great as TouchFlo3d well it will blow us away,,,,,
4)i heard the 3g and network coverage is great also.....dont care much on this as long as u can call and sms thats enough 4 me
5)coz there is WiFi
6)GPS n geotagging for the pix
7)good large internal memory and expandable microsd which very important
8)all the rest are the same as the other competitors specs.........

I just wish it does live to its paper specs on the actual live experience of the phone........

Minimize bugs,glitches and crashes/hangups

will be waiting and watching this unfold

cheers ya all

  • Anonymous

I think price will be high ( 500+.. )

  • Khan

The only drawback to be noticed iz dat, itz has Display of only 65K...Rather thn 65K it shud hv atleast 16M Display....There iz alwayz some defect in every cell phone...Even in Nokia N95 battry backup iz jst for 24 hrs(Normal use)...

  • Dani

Now this This is what iv been dreaming off, this is a Perfect Phone..

Looks from iPhone
Features of N95
and much more

Samsung i salute you!!!!!! Best Phone ever

  • Anonymous

wooooot! so impressive!!!!

  • shoni

finally something good made by samsung! anything about price? 1000 usd?!

  • Shou Ji

Already available in Mainland China for USD $500 and coming to South East Asia this June(in predict for SGP $1,048/16Gb)

  • jacka$$1

onang, 09 Jun 2008wow.. ijust bought the phone a weeks ago.. the features is fasci... moreHey onang! Where did you purchase this phone! I have to know!

  • jacka$$1

FINALLY! Somebody came up with the EXACT specs I'm looking for in a touchscreen phone: no moving parts to wear out (not a slider, clamshell,..etc.), TRUE worldwide 3G roaming (Japan/S.Korea included), quad band gsm, Wifi b/g, slick iPhone-esque UI, and it's all packed in a slim 12.5mm thick frame!!!

The upcoming 3G iPhone may also have all the specs, but it's still too big for my preferences and highly restrictive: it's unlockable...unless you tinker with it and it may not work permanently if new updates from apple are introduced, and 3rd party apps are a pain-in-the-ass to install.

Experia X1 came close but it's still on the thick side and the slider mechanism will eventually wear out.

HTC Touch Diamond came really close cuz I dig the slim factor, but they chose NOT to make it a quadband gsm and triband 3G.

And finally the HTC Touch Pro is a slider & that too isn't a quadband GSM and triband 3G.

In a purely spec standpoint and TRUE global-roaming freedom, the i900 is the IDEAL phone for me. Now I'm just gonna have to wait for the reviews to come in to see if the performance really lives up to its specifications.

  • BillionaireAmir

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2008I hope they will make software for this phone i BRUNEI.yes, that what we hope for in BRUNEI,

  • Anonymous

iphone killer

  • WOW

And again, WOW!

  • mushienubz

NRW, 09 Jun 2008I love the way everytime a new touch screen phone comes out, you... moreI hear you!!!! your so right!!! I can't stand all these people critizing and claiming that "every" touch phone is an iphone!!! IT'S NOT!!! the specs are totally different!!! you don't know until you try!!! It may have looks of an iphone, so what the design is popular!!! iPhone - Get over yourself!!!

  • onang

wow.. ijust bought the phone a weeks ago.. the features is fascinating, i cant believe how amazing it is .. two thumbs up!!! =)