Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III

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  • Anonymous

The best phone so far...
but anyway they coping the Apple... always...

  • Anonymous

nokia c5-03, 11 Oct 2011Nokia Rulesworst phones in the world samsung rocks!

  • heY

you said "quad-core 2.0 GHz"

nokia c5-03, 11 Oct 2011Nokia RulesNokia Rules? Hmmm, I would say Samsung Rules. :D


Of course these are rumored specs hence posted to gsmarena's rumor mill. The s3 was rumored and speculated upon prior to the s2 release. It'll be the culmination of their advance on higher desinity graphics and lcd display with their next iteration of the exynos cpu at 1.8ghz (so we can overclock past 2ghz..wooo). Obviously these 1280dpi displays will need lots of real estate hence we are going to see 4.5in to nearly or past 5inch. We thinks it kewl and gr8...keep going for SW and apps to test these new blazing devices...well eventually android app dev will mature more and we'll have needed new versions on a more timely regular basis...personally the speed in which most of these get unlocked and rooted is kewl...any open source OS isn't going to have the same level of CMMI-like maturity as the more proprietary iOS or WP7 but that's the nature of the beast. We're looking forward to the s3 and the quadcores when they begin to arrive whether early or late 2012 as well as better GPUs and worldphone embedded multiband chipsets...isn't this mobile revolution so kewl. Now we just need north american spectrum to get figured out so we don't eat up all the bandwidth and are delegated to wifi only for higher speed internet access or paying gobs for xtra 4g megs....

  • 777

Samsung did not even need 2 announce a better phone than SG2 as already there is absolutely no phone out there that can even dare stand in it's face including IPhone 4S!! Either they av so many ideas on how 2 improve their phones in a way that they can sustain it or they will soon av no mo room 4 improvement! They shud have just let SG2 kill the competition until the day the others thought of something superior! Then with all their think tank full, they wud unleash another beast to rule 4 until the competition again made something better! NOW they will have about the top 3 phones 2 compete against @ other! totally wasted!

  • AnonD-25927

Ritesh, 11 Oct 2011Samsung is going to be no. 1 cell brand in couples of month but ... moredude what technology does nokia have?? an ancient symbian crap which no one uses, get ur head out of ur bottom and start thinking MORON

  • Heilos

Ritesh, 11 Oct 2011Samsung is going to be no. 1 cell brand in couples of month but ... moreA real Korean company :D

  • Prem

Ritesh, 11 Oct 2011Samsung is going to be no. 1 cell brand in couples of month but ... moreWhat technology you think.Samsung is stealing? . most the hardware parts are manufatured by themselves. Apple has to borrow the parts and so the Nokia from Samsung. Samsung only get the OS part from Google. May be you can say they have copied the design of Apple. But Apple itself has copied their design from the other manufacturer.

  • AnonD-21861

What's wrong with this phone?????! I actually think it's gonna be the best phone ever made!....Crap pic of it tho...

  • AnonD-25884

Mobilemaster, 11 Oct 2011It's nice, and what's so funny??dafuq

  • Yasoo

The best Cellphone ever... Who dare to say that Apple is better??!!!
Hell Yea.. I'm in love with Samsung

  • nokia c5-03

Mobilemaster, 11 Oct 2011Samsung is fantastic!!! :) I am glad that I own a Samsung. Samsu... moreNokia Rules

  • AnonD-25258

Pathetic, Android doesn't even have the software to test the galaxy s2 yet, what's the point of future proofing a device when by the time the software which will utilize it, it will be time to upgrade anyway ? And for gsm arena to print these specs as fact when It's pure rumour and are probably not correct is unflattering propaganda !

  • lt_hawker

heeeell.yeaaaaaaah..wait for this

  • cj

why would you put expect release Q3 when you know damn well this is just a Rumoured phone?

  • CJ

GsmArena, if this is a rumoured device, then why would you create a specs sheet for it, making out as though it's real? Not sure i understand that one.

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2011nice, a? :-)))It's nice, and what's so funny??

  • paracelius

fantastic !!!