Samsung J700

Samsung J700

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  • Anonymous

ive accidently deleted all of my images but how can i restore them

  • Fadi

blue, 10 Dec 2008anyone knows about the answering machine of this phone?i cant fi... moreJust go to Menu -> Settings -> Call settings -> All Calls -> Answering Machine... thats it

n yeah, i lived the fone ;)

  • Anonymous

awesome phone

  • sagar

Kashif, 12 Dec 2008Hello, I m thinking to take J700 but i m puzzel so help me is th... moreyes it is very good plz take this phone

  • shashi

Mad girl, 11 Dec 2008Hi guys I am thinking about gettin this fone would any1 recomend... moretake this phone it's worth perfect phone to use.

  • Anonymous

i really like this phone
it has nice features and is easy to use!

  • Anonymous

yusuf, 10 Dec 2008it is goodNot bad

  • danquinjhoi

hi tnx for rply, my frend had a samsung fone but his fone atomaticly save the send items insted of going to save and send

  • Anonymous

Its really worth buying n using... only problem is battery backup... need to charge very day if u r a frequent user...

  • Anonymous

Mad girl, 11 Dec 2008Hi guys I am thinking about gettin this fone would any1 recomend... moreyes. Pink color is awaiting 4 u.pls get it at once!

  • Anonymous

in the specs it says this phone can use mp3 files as ring tones,, i have tried to do this but it is not working,,,,, it says unsupported format, even though the phone recognises the file as mp3.

any ideas?

  • Kashif

Hello, I m thinking to take J700 but i m puzzel so help me is this cell really good?

  • ralf

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970still have problems with that one? u mean sent items? i configured it actually, for you to view sent items, right after you type your message, instead of "send only" go for "send and save". i swear, that's the answer for that.

  • Anonymous

i think this phone is very good!

  • Mad girl

Hi guys I am thinking about gettin this fone would any1 recomend it 2 me?

  • AJ-SA

I've had the phone for about 2 months now and so far it has been more that great.
If you're looking for an easy to use phone to text a little, talk a little and take a few pictures, than this one is for you.
Here are a few things I noticed:
- The phone is fast, even with menu transitions, and there is no lag when typing.
- Sliding feels good.
- Phone is stable even when you have more than 150 messages
- SOS, mobile tracker, block list for voice and text are great.
- Phone looks stylish
- Voice calls are loud and clear.
- Camera is good, but in low light it compensates by extending the shutter time, causes blurred images.
- Can't go on facebook with the browser. Too many redirects. Load Opera-mini, it's much better anyway.
- Applications open fast
- Number keys lack the true feel of being pressed and keysound doesn't always match the amount of times a key has been pressed. Frustrating if you type without looking at the keys
- Music player can't minimize, but sound through the headset is great.
- The side of the headset with the answer button is heavy and tends to fall out of your ear.
- Everything on the screen is nice and big, but due to 65k screen some text and pictures appear blurred, but most wallpapers look amazing.
- Using GPRS drains the battery fast!
- Battery life is very good (if you don't use GPRS)
- Phone charges fast
- Phone hasn't frozen or restarted yet. Use the Samsung PCStudio to make ringtones and you won't have a problem.
- Image editor only works for captured images. If you move a pic to the memory card and then back to the phone, it is stored as a Downloaded image and you can't edit it.
- Good signal strength
- No side-scrolling for photo's stored on SD card.
- Alarm features are great.
- MP3's can be used as message alert tones (only first 8seconds play)
- Battery cover is impossible to remove without rubber gloves (even then, it is scary to do)
- Call log is great and organized
- Profiles are great and you can create your own as well.
- Charger should have been on the lefthand side of the phone. When headset/charger is connected it is difficult to type/use the phone.
- If your carrier has proxy settings for gprs, re-enter them for your games/apps otherwise it's not going to connect to the internet. You have to do this even if your carrier has sent you the settings as the phone does not copy the proxy settings to the games/apps.
- Phone does not store captured images directly to the SD card. You have to move them, but keep the last captured image on the internal memory, otherwise the numbering starts over and you have to rename everything before moving it to the SD card.

Overall, it is a great phone for a moderate user. The price is great for what you're getting. If you can live with the above hiccups, then buy this phone.

  • yusuf

it is good

  • Rebekah (:

blue, 10 Dec 2008anyone knows about the answering machine of this phone?i cant fi... moreHi,

It depends what network you are on.

If you hold down the 1 button that should help.

If not check your network to see what the voicemail number is.

Sorry if non of this helps.

  • blue

anyone knows about the answering machine of this phone?i cant find it...anyone knows?


negative feedback overcome my positive decision to buy J700 because comments i heard obviously implies that J700 audio and video to most of its owner is not that impressive i am thinking twice on the features fo the product,recording is poor,themes are limited to 2 only,speaker volume is very low,video recording images are blurred dowloading of songs hasd a lot of precautions to observed IS THIS TRUE?