Samsung M620

Samsung M620

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  • Anonymous

really sucks.had it for only 3 months and its lcd whitens at will

  • Anonymous

- unknown -, 10 Jan 2010i wanted not to buy a slide phone, but when i saw the m620, i wa... moreThis model is very good i am using since 6 months

  • unknown

this phone is a rip-off...
whenever i slide it down, the lcd will turn into white...
for one year, i send it to the service center twice...
don't buy this phone...
such a major rip-off...


syndy, 11 Dec 2009do v hav themes in dis model..??its good

  • - unknown -

i wanted not to buy a slide phone, but when i saw the m620, i was mesmerized and encouraged to buy that kind of phone.i really wanted now to have that phone as soon as possible... =)

  • Anonymous

Is there a setting on the phone that i can change so that the phone dont switch it off automatically. The phone is more off than on. its very frustrating. Please if someone knows of anything let me know.

  • crystal

is there a way to set the phone so that when receiving a message, it automatically saves to the phone instead of the sim? or a way that you can change all messages to save onto the phone instead of doing it one at a time?

  • Concerned

I bought this phone 9 months ago and I think I just wasted my money. It has not met my expectations. Now, it is my third time to bring it to the repair shop.

  • Anonymous

I got this M620 for 13 days it started to freeze & I removed the battery & put it back it lost all the bookmarks. I has no enterest ANYMORE

  • mhmdsaid009

my internet browser not working , what can i do?

  • Tamer Gomaa

I like this mobile.
But i want to know what the following setting do:
Messages/Answering Machine/Options/Settings/Screen setting
If any one knows, please reply.
Thank you all

  • Tamer Gomaa

Shaymaa, 05 May 2009I had this mobile 2 months ago in a pink color and with a 2 GB m... moreDo this:
goto Menu/Messages/Answering Machine/Options/Settings
Then scroll down to time setting and change it with right or left arrows keys, this the time after which the answering machine will be activated.

  • Anonymous

The keys are not working properly...and it is barely 6 months i am using it...the indication keys and the middle one have stopped working at all...

  • Anonymous

After 8 days from the box it just freezes. You switch it off and remove a battery when you switch it on all the Bookmarks its GONE

  • Ank

Hey people out there having freeze problem. Just dial a reset code *2767*3855# and enter ur security code. Note: Do it at ur own risk, all data on ur phone will be deleted.

  • shubham

affordable, long battery life , quick slider,
easily acessible
mus buy if under economy

  • malik

iwant to know that how much time battery take?when i use it uses 24hours just

  • ofie

i've had my samsung m620 for barely 10 months & its already acting up---lcd screen freezes & turns white, keypad not working when the phone is slide up...its useless now. im using my old nokia 1110 coz i cant afford to buy another phone yet.

  • Helia

My M620 is really good and I did'n have these problems!
I think it's better than other phons!

  • Diana

But I think it's really good cellphone