Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

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  • Joyson

Pratik Manduskar, 03 Dec 2010Hi Guys, 5 days before i wanted to buy a lappy intsead of comp.... morePratik,

First I would suggest you to think about your usage. If you are a software engineer I would suggest to buy a samsung net book and GT p1000.

Though GT P 1000 has many application and simply amazing tab+phone, Some of the things you cant do in that such as skype call. A net book has more more more features compare to this phone. It will be useful too.

I am not a very good fan of Samsung , but I am going to buy this mobile because of the features, applications and its performance. If you really want to buy it wait till January... you will get offer :-). By the way If you own a Galaxy tab p1000 it is always advisable to buy a samsung laptop or samsung netbook. A samsung netbook would cost only RS 20000 ( May be less than that depending up on location).

Overall i can say it is a nice phone compared to Apple tab ( Though it has a bigger screen it does nt have a phone function).

In Kolkata the price of Samsung Galaxy Tab price is 36,500 after discount. Iam expecting that there will be a drop in price by January.

After a long long analysis on I pad,Iphone 4, Samsung galaxy, Sony ericsson satio, Motorala milestone, Sony ericcson Xperia X10 and Blackberry bold, I CAME TO A DECISION TO PURCHASE SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB P1000 as it simply cannot be compared to other phones or tab.

By the way knowingly or unknowingly I had a samsung net book which gives 1000 % satisfaction for me. :-)

Revert me if you have any questions.



Swatantra Kumar Gupt, 03 Dec 2010Please purchase it from THE MOBILESTORE LTD only because there i... moreWhat does ACCS mean? is there any idea to recognoze these change.. how can we avoid being cheated.

  • Anonymous

Thank you entz

  • EntZ

Yes you can use the Galaxy Tab to recieve and make calls via Loudspeaker

  • Anonymous

Can we use this tab 4 receiving and dialling call without using head phone

  • Pratik Manduskar

Hi Guys,
5 days before i wanted to buy a lappy intsead of comp. but few days bfore i heared of this tab. Please suggest me what should i buy. a lappy or this mobile. i thnk the cost for both are same. Pls suggest me. its imp.

  • Swatantra Kumar Gupt

Please purchase it from THE MOBILESTORE LTD only because there is a lot of problem with local dealer with it.They can change any ACCS of it..please beware

  • Anonymous

Ash, 02 Dec 2010Bought it a week back and it has already taken control of my dig... moreAmen to you!

  • Anonymous

Neogeo, 01 Dec 2010For a device with a price tag that comparable to a umpc, I would... moreNewgeo:

The current specs are perfect since they have optimized battery usage.
You should definitely check out the performance of the device in person if possible.

The performance is better than some of the 2 GB laptops I have used.
As such you get optimized content from the TAB, which means, that you do not need any more RAM.
By the way, the TAB keeps 2 GB of internal memory dedicated to running Android, which also enhances the performance to a lot of extent.


  • Ash

Erica nahc, 01 Dec 2010Is there any free application for this?Hi:

The TAB comes with some customized apps like email and browser.
However, there are thousands of free apps available in the Android Market.
For example, I am using the Dolphin browser for browsing the internet, since it had better usability.
There are tonnes of apps for mailing, security, games and other stuff that you might need.

hope this helps:


  • Ash

Bought it a week back and it has already taken control of my digital life.
In fact, because of the mail support and display quality, I do not have the need to open up my official laptop, unless I need to do some high end stuff.
The TAB is really 8 devices rolled into one:
Internet Browser
Multi Media Player
Gaming Console (Try Wings of Steel or Angry Birds)
Messaging Client
Mobile Computer (documents etc)
E-book reader
It has given some respite to my over used Nokia 5800... and the (2 KG) personal laptop.
This is the future ladies and gentleman, it the price is nothing compared to the benefits.


  • Asen

Akram Khan, 30 Nov 2010Gentlemen, do you know where is calculator and compass in Galaxy tabThere's no compass or calculator in galaxy tab's built in, you have to download it from market. There's plenty of options though.

  • acquin

guys can any body tell me all the differences between tab t and p1000 galaxy.

I don't understand a major diff. apart frm the RAM and internal memory n color. Why do samsung has to bring this mobile in the market? thy all ready hav a p1000 amazing phone.

I think this will reduce the value of p1000 galxy in the market and it is too early and foolishness of samsung.

I liked p1000 somuch tht i thought of buyin it in a fewdays... now i'l have to think twice n hav lost my interest (i thought it was a way unique mobile).

Guys plz sujjest me....!

  • Erica nahc

Is there any free application for this?

  • Neogeo

For a device with a price tag that comparable to a umpc, I would expect better hardware spec then 1ghz CPU with on board GPU and 512mb. I mean it's a good setup for mobile phone but we are talking about tablet here. Every other android tablet with similar spec cost only half the price of a Galaxy Tab. Why is Samsung charging so much for the device?

  • Jatin

This is a great device.

Just consider two things before buying.
1. Andriod froyo is not optimsed for tabs. Honeycomb version will be.
2. rumours of apple ipad 2 are also there with retina display and camera

  • Ebi

It can be great if it has usb host and sd card reader like hp slate.I hope to galaxy tab2 has it.

  • ram Kumar

Is it better than ipad tell me soon because i am going to buy tablet.....:-)

  • Akram Khan

Gentlemen, do you know where is calculator and compass in Galaxy tab

  • khaled

can anybody tell me pls,does galaxy tab play (.flv) and (.mkv) video file?