Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

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  • Viking

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2010have u ever used apple.....according to u tft display is better ... moreYou're saying us fool! Awright, but do you know, a LED display reduces battery drainage than a TFT display?

  • Anonymous

On seeing this phone I am looking forward to a phone with 21 or 22 in panel. WOW! What will they call it? EYE-board, EYE-panel, *-board read- Star-board....mmm. I have coined aome names.Any takers?

  • jo anne mondragon

far better than ipad and the upcoming blackberry playbook. I loooove it. Thank i samsung

  • Anonymous

samsung 10 inch tab / phone is coming early 2011


which is better samsung tab or i pad (apple ) ... i want to buy one of them but i am confused ? so please help me!

  • Anonymous

price very high...sorry samsung.

  • Anonymous

outdated at the time of release!!!!

TFT screen only!

3mp camera!

must wait for the next version - it will come soon!

  • Anonymous

i wrather a archos tablet 10 inches android tablet or 9 inche windows 7 tablet . Set up linux and here we go

  • Nokia4ever

All these years, I have used only nokia phones. But ever since Galaxy s has came in Market, I believe that it has what it needs to compete apple products. I recently used a Galaxy Tab, and I am impressed. This is a netbook replacement device.. If you don't mind the size, you can even use this as phone. In Canada, they don't offer unlimited internet, otherwise I would never even buy a pc if I have this. If Samsung keep coming up with such incredible devices, the day is not far when it will become world's top selling and quality product making company.

  • Anonymous

Mike, 08 Nov 20101 million times better than Apple'shave u ever used apple.....according to u tft display is better than led display...hahahahaha...fool..

  • amrorphy

when p1000 will be sold in Egypt what about the difference between p1000 screen and the s8500 wave s.amoled screen is it better or not .

  • Anonymous

The Spec On The GPS is incorrect it has it's own GPS it's not A-GPS

  • ricky wong

Just bought the Tab from Verizon last night. Sold my Droid X to buy it and went to a "regular" cell phone. I figure I can do everything I did on the Droid X with the Tab and do it bigger. I think it is beautiful. And I chose it over the ipad because of its portability. It fits in my purse so it is really easy to take anywhere. I got the black leather case that doubles as a kickstand.

Because I have had a Droid, Droid Incredible and a Droid X, I am very familiar with Android. But not with this particular device's capabilities. Came across looks promising, but my first goal is to figure out how to get a movie onto it as I want to watch one on a plane trip next week. Going to L.A. for Thanksgiving.

Like I wonder how much data it will take to download one. That sort of thing. Is the 16 micro card big enough to several movies.

  • phoneaddict

Hi Everyone,
Just to let you guys know that I've had this tab/phone for 3 weeks now and so far I have now complains. The native youtube doesn't show all videos that you search for which is quite a shame, due to licencing I think. But when you install SKYFIRE, open youtube from bowser, the video that you want is there and it plays too. Awesome. Sold my (32G/WIFI IPAD) for it, as it destroyed 2 of my sim cards. Need to get them replaced by carrier.

  • raaz

Galaxy tab is awesome features

  • Anbu

i have used htc, blackberry, iphone so far. all touch screens. i feel tab is very good. worth for the money.

  • Mayoof

Celine, 19 Nov 2010Can someone here tell me whether theThinkfree Office in this pho... moreyes you can edit ms office applications.

  • Celine

Can someone here tell me whether theThinkfree Office in this phone is an Editor or only a Viewer ??

  • Anonymous

does it support skype video calls ? i need answer please ?