Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

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  • zeen

why all of androids frame ware has to have those fuckt up names,cupcake ,donut,eclair, and froyo, these names have noting to do with android robots are anything futuristic,am i the only one that see's this.

  • Anonymous

very good phone

  • gurgll

Hi ya'll, this product will be out in October and in some countries it will cost 948 euros! A lot of money, thus but still people are already queuing for it in some countries. iPad killer? I don't know. Let you people, customers, decide! If you buy it have fun with it ;D

  • Bilal

There is a limit of copying Apple products. C'mon Samsung, GROW UP AND START MAKING SOMETHING OF YOUR OWN!!!!

Android touch screen smart phones were copied from iPhone and now they have crossed the heights of immitation. They actually even have a similar wallpaper as the iPad and also the gyro is taken from Apple. This is just too crazy.

Never the less, Apple has set the benchmark and nothing can come close to Apple. :)

Whether you people accept it or no, THIS TAB IS INFLUENCED AND COPIED FROM APPLE.

  • Anonymous

wow. just when the ipad was released, these companies has now been making tablets like crazy as hell. sure there were tablets before the ipad, but none of the other manufacturers took it seriously and didnt think of it that much until the ipad had its success.
same goes with the iphone. before the iphone existed, i remember how touchphones had stupid resistive touch technology and a not so touch-friendly ui. and look what happened after the iphone. multi-touch, awesome ui, and etc.
and also the operating systems we have right now. before the mac existed the existing OS's didn't even have a user interface and had no mouse with stupid commands. and now... we even have multi-touch on laptops and such.
and i remember the android os before the iphone was released. it was originally on the form factors of blackberries. and now it's for touchphones. even though androids probably better, it still doesnt change how it got its inspiration from the iphone.

all these companies are influenced by apple. this thing wouldnt even exist if it wasn't for apple. i mean seriously, just look at the ui of this thing. totally ripoff of ipad. and god! just look at the menu. multiple screens for the applications which by the way is square. familiar much? even engadget says this thing looks like an ipad only for kids.

  • mobikidz

P1000 Galaxy vs iPAD :D

  • Anonymous

Tablet must have but now it has announced:
RAM 512MB +512MB
Camera 3.2MP +5MP
Colors Black, Grey +Blue, Red

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2010i seriously DOUBT this thing would have even been existed in the... moreipad sucs..................galaxy rocs!!!!!!!!!

  • Ethagana

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2010halloooo!!! knock, knock!!! THIS IS TAB, not CAMERA! we need ... moreI respectfully disagree, A back camera can come in handy especially not only when you want to take a snap but also for a AR(Augmented Reality)capable application the likes of mTrip on the iphone4

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2010i seriously DOUBT this thing would have even been existed in the... moreyes yes yes, it is all due to Apple.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2010i seriously DOUBT this thing would have even been existed in the... moreYup. It's all because of apple. You're right. The only reason people make phones and tablets that are why better than apple will make the icraps is because icraps came out. Also, apple never copies other companyies by using samsung cpu's or coming out with the iphone that looked surprisingly like the lg prada. Everything original is all apple. Well any company with a high res screen, good camera, hd recording, lots of playback support is copying samsung then. lol. Oh wait apple just tried that too now.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2010i seriously DOUBT this thing would have even been existed in the... moreWow. ur so brilliant. why dont we have smart people like u who know exactly what they are talking about come around here more often. maybe my life will have more meaning now

  • Anonymous

droid x is muuuuuuuuch beter­70&idPhone2=3473

  • xZachary

Wow. They didn't add add at least an 8mp camera, there isn't a Hummingbird processor(1Ghz supposedly faster then the Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor), and it isn't faster then 1Ghz... In my opinion, this Tablet isn't that great. Froyo(Android 2.2) is the only really good thing about it... they I can tell, and a front facing camera, that's good too. But overall... I don't think you sohuld buy it unless you abosoulutely want it... and if any of this is wrong, correct me, I stand corrected(or whatever). I don't really care... it's just sad how this Tablet is 7.3 inches in height, with Froyo, and no Super AMOLED Display(Google it if you don't know...) and make a physical keyboard? Anyway it sohuld've gotten a faster processor. Also a better display if it, indeed isn't Super AMOLED.
If you don't like my comment, sorry. It's just my opinion... (Yeah, blah blah, keep your opinion to yourself... Idc about that crap, I just felt like speaking my mind, well typing anyway).

  • Anonymous

wow. will totally look forward in getting this device. i hope it wouldnt be too pricey, having an external microsd makes this device better that ipad, you have a way to export data without hassles! nice one samsung!

  • Anonymous

it is not true that Samsung had no interest in tablets. I have been using a Samsung 7in umpc for some 4 years now. It is a win xp and I love it. Cant wait to get the tap

  • Juliee

applelover, 04 Sep 2010yes, it does have mobile phone functionality that's why i prefer... moreThank you for the reply! :D

LOL but wouldn't it be too big for your face? I mean people will be staring at you cause its kinda big for a cellphone hehe XD

  • Edward

tablet for samsung .. just ftw? really they copied Ipad just wait till the new ipad launches .. :|

  • Arturas

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2010i seriously DOUBT this thing would have even been existed in the... moreTruth, Apple doest have the ability to make people buy things, and make things popular, everything that apple makes, gets popular indeed, it doesn't matter whether it is good or bad, whether it existed 10 years ago or not. That's one of the techniques to manipulate people

  • applelover

Juliee, 04 Sep 2010WOW, my mum bought an iPad a few weeks ago and i have to say its... moreyes, it does have mobile phone functionality that's why i prefer this than the iPad...just hope they launch it early here in the philippines...i can't wait to get one!!!