Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

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  • Anonymous

Root your galaxy tab and then install cyagenmod. Read online how to do it. Looking at the specs of the tab, the highest os that this tab can handle it Android 4.0.1

  • Anonymous

It marshmallow or lollipop

  • isaac atafiri

how can upgrade to a new version

  • isaac

how can upgrade from os2.2to 2.3pls .i can down whatsapp if i try it reject d app .pls help

  • jessa

AnonD-640234, 31 Jan 201731.01.2017 Today I turned on my P1000 and still works, I love itIt install a facebook application?

  • AnonD-640234

31.01.2017 Today I turned on my P1000 and still works, I love it

  • AnonD-633921

I still have it, I still do not regret having it. Internal card of 16/32GB is simply a gift. And it was one of the first of its kind. I am very glad it is still around.

  • Anonymous

Beast specs, faster than iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 together :D *irony off*

  • User61532

Why my samsung p1000 cant update the highest version but my tab is a 6 months long.they say that if thesamsung p1000 is old,it does'nt update

  • tabdude

There are rumours this baby can boot from Cyanogenmod or Omni Roms, giving it a better Android version. Check out video's on youtube by Nick Diamond how to give it new life.

  • Anonymous

it should be upgraded to time to time

  • Anonymous

Why the old model samsung P1000Galaxy tab not upgate google play store at all new toggle and hktv show viu not downland at all

  • YourMom

akin, 30 Jun 2016how can i upgrade my tab to latest visionVision ?

  • Me

People you can't upgrade it from 2.2 or 2.3 unless you root it and install your own firmware.

  • Burn

akin, 30 Jun 2016how can i upgrade my tab to latest visionWith samsung kies 2 and only kies 2 on Pc
It will automatically prompt you to upgrade

  • akin

how can i upgrade my tab to latest vision

  • ab

Besunta, 14 Dec 2015I´ll make my upgrade recently to 5.1.1 lollipop, and it wo... morecan i contact you via email i tried but some function did not work

  • nur

My need bangla sofware

  • Anonymous

Very great tab, currently using bbm and other nice apps on it after upgrading its firmware.

  • Angelique

Hi can you install bbm on this device