Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

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  • nialirahs

ubgreat samsung galaxy tab

  • nialirahs

Omega, 23 Jan 2015Installed CyanogenMod 11 M12 Snapshot......I didnt know what i w... moreupgreat androit

  • nialirahs

AnonD-339865, 09 Dec 2014To be able to play COC u should install customized rom. I have m... moreupgreat androit

  • scarface

using this device for 5 years but still working good....................

  • scarface

when tab stuck press and hold the power button it will fix it. this device is the best its heavy but durable, its like hulk guys.hahaha! slow in surfing but best in watching movies. very user friendly even a 3 year old could use it. it has a SIM card, SD card and my 2 year old daughter drops it a hundred times it did breko even a little. best device in terms of durability. no heting problems.......


what can i do when my tab stuck , coz i cant open anything

  • david

when I try to upgrade my gtp1000 ,I m not able to see the upgrade from sd card option ,how can I upgrade it

  • AnonD-425149

what will i do to my tab if its suddenly turns off though i just opened it?

  • AnonD-419484

how do i on the pocket data on my tab

  • Cool Guy

Why is it that totally unexpected and with the TAB not active (black screen) occasionally but frequently the GPS is activated on its own and drains the battery in just seconds from the moment the TAB is activated. Most annoying ...

  • PNR

mostakim , 28 Jun 2015how to change GSM to WDCMA Select WCDMA Only,Then search networks,after that auto selection and come back that's all.

  • mostakim

how to change GSM to WDCMA

  • AnonD-404903

Nice tab but screen size some what's small compere to other tabs and ram size is low if some apps installed tab will be slow or hang
Main reason is ram size to low and tab default apps will take some memory and little bit slow in locking system and some time tab is hang

  • Valee

Can somebody help. . . How can I upgrade my p1000 to 4.4 version

  • Philo

batman, 05 Apr 2015please may i know if samsung galaxy tab 1 supports the track cal... moreIt works on mine, why don't you reinstall and try it again, clearing the cache may help before you reinstall the app. Hope that helps

  • febin

floyd, 21 Oct 2014Best tab it is working even more smoothly after updated to 4,4.4... moreIs the kitkat update is stable for samsung galaxy tab P1000.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-390209, 26 Apr 2015how do i unlock it after too many pattern attrmpts?this will work if you registered your google play email before inside it choose forgot password and will ask you your email and password for google account

  • AnonD-390209

how do i unlock it after too many pattern attrmpts?

  • Anonymous

how do i unlock it using a google account,since wifi doesnt work?

  • win

lollipop android version is fast than old gingerbread version of samsung galaxy tab p1000