Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab

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  • chesca29

ladymadz, 29 Jun 2011I just want to ask guys...why is it I cannot make video calls on... moreyou have to download a plug in. works fine with me.

  • android user

ritu, 30 Jul 2011it is not a good phone as i have purchased it . there are many p... morewhat are you talking about? you cant even remove the battery without going to a samsung center. you are just ruining this phone on purpose. you are probably an apple fan! get your facts straight!

  • Khadim

confusious, 04 Aug 2011which fone is better, samsung galaxy tab, or the nokia N8...DNT ... morePlease dont compare N8 with Galaxy Tab. Galaxy tab is Tablet with phone (matchless). I would suggest to wait and but 8.9 Galaxy tab with GSM communication(its with Honeycomb) and i personally will buy it once launched (currently im using Galaxy TAB P1000 and its matchless)

  • Anonymous

Davi $uk$e$, 01 Aug 2011Galaxy Tab is excellent. I have been using it for months without... morebuy the tv video av cable for it pick them up from ebay for next to nothing picture quality is not the best but works perfectly you can also hook it up to any tv as well then and use your tab as a dvd player or view your photos on the big screen !!

  • confusious

which fone is better, samsung galaxy tab, or the nokia N8...DNT KNOW WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE:(

  • AnonD-16486

When i switch my Tab to silent, is there any way to stop it vibrating after every keystroke in apps such as quickoffice? it is getting quite annoying when trying to type notes in a quiet lecture hall. Also posted on but no luck.

Thanks for any help.

  • labdaky

Hi I losioky.
I have my galaxy tab and i want to know how long can i charge it because i have charged from yesterday and when i wake up this monrning i have seen two batteries from the right site to the left ,The batter which i seen at the left site it is show 100% and the batteris which i see at the right site it is seen like is charging and the phone writter charged .Please help me on this because untill now i am chargning can i wrong.

  • Anonymous

Abadi, 04 Aug 2011Hello, im from KSA and still no 2.3 in Kies, anyone else with... morei have, i m waiting from long time for update

  • Abadi


im from KSA and still no 2.3 in Kies, anyone else with the same problem?

  • Kumar

Which is the best office app (Powerpoint) for our Galaxy tab? I tried many app, non satisfied me. Please guide me TQ.


hi i would like to know how the video works when i call or if somebody calls on skype on my galaxy tab p 1000.

  • Anonymous

where is update 2.3.3

  • nusha

tonz, 01 Aug 2011360o photographs workng proprly in tab lyk pc. May great tab!!! ... moreis it supported with microsoft application?can use for slide presentation for power point?any usb port?

  • blackthing

AnonD-15575, 29 Jul 2011I personally have one.. All i can say is that its a phone + tab... moreHow do I access draft messages, sent items and outbox for my smsses?

  • Anonymous

AnonD-15935, 01 Aug 2011Can you please let me know how could I possibly turn-off the scr... moreto go to turn off the screensaver, you can just press longer on the screen and a window will appear showing you live wallpaper, or picture, select from any...
service centre is in megamall, cyberzone area... or in MOA

  • franklin

I ve got the samsung galaxy tab for getting more information check the following website­xy-tab-70-review-and-price.html

  • sweety

i have read that it can be used for sms/mms messaging, how about recieving and out going phone calls?

  • tonz

360o photographs workng proprly in tab lyk pc. May great tab!!!
Dear frndz
if u r not botherd abt itz size, go for t. Amazing phone.
Gud clarity, battery backup.. Me usng as laptop..

  • tonz

Hey captnis..
U can select the ring tons frm samsung pre-loaded ringtones or gallery.

  • somas

can someone please post the link for the software update or send it to me on